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American, United and Delta Finally Invest in Business Class. Which Is Best?

Airline passengers are tough critics, but even the most hardened road warrior should agree that the premium cabin experience is much improved from five years ago. Now airlines should turn their attention to coach, right?

3 hours ago

Why United, American and Delta Fear Ultra Low Cost Competition, Explained

American, United, and Delta are all introducing no-frills fares to try to thwart Frontier, Allegiant, and Spirit. It might work, or it might not. But it's worth a shot. The Big 3 do not want any of the discount airlines to grow to be as large and powerful as Ryanair.

2 days ago

American and United Aren’t Yet Ready to Compete With Spirit Air on Price

It's a short reprieve, but this is good news for travelers. For the next couple of months, they can buy the cheapest tickets on American and United and still get all the perks that the airlines offer to customers who buy pricier tickets.

5 days ago

Here’s Why American, United and Delta’s On-Time Stats Should Dip

The fact that big airlines have not had to report on-time statistics for their regional brands never made sense. Under this new system, travelers will know more about the reliability of their favorite airlines.

6 days ago

The Curious Exit and Strong Legacy of Delta’s Chairman — Skift Business Traveler

Although Anderson may not be missed by his rivals, his impact on the industry will be felt for years.

1 week ago

United Airlines Is Improving But Now It Needs to Deliver

United has engendered a lot of goodwill because of the hirings of Oscar Munoz as CEO and later Scott Kirby as president but investors are impatient to see better bottom-line performance.

1 week ago

Cheap Airfares are About to Vanish as U.S. Airlines Tighten Capacity

Airfares don't feel particularly cheap -- anecdotally speaking -- but things can always get worse (from a consumer perspective). Next week will punctuate where airfares are heading as United and American report their third quarter results.

2 weeks ago

Delta CEO: There’s No Pilot Shortage, But We’re Giving Raises Anyway

Delta's CEO appears confident following third quarter earnings that were better than analysts predicted, and he maintains that Richard Anderson's departure was part of the succession plan all along.

2 weeks ago

Delta Adds New Upgrade Perks for Some SkyMiles Members

Delta just opened up upgrades for some of its elite members traveling on award tickets. While a great perk for travelers, it also may be an indication of Delta's willingness to bury the hatchet with SkyMiles members.

2 weeks ago

Delta Air Lines Chairman’s Resignation Was Part of the Plan, CEO Says

Delta CEO Ed Bastian tried to answer questions about why former CEO Richard Anderson abruptly resigned as executive chairman. But it's still not really clear why Anderson stepped down so quickly after taking over.

2 weeks ago

Delta Has Big Concerns About Low-Cost Trans-Atlantic Competition

Delta is generally considered the most fiscally sound of the U.S big three, and that likely won't change soon. But Delta, like its competitors, needs to come up with a cohesive strategy on how to challenge the discount airlines beginning to move into the trans-Atlantic market.

2 weeks ago

Delta Slows Capacity Growth and Exceeds Q3 Profit Estimates

Delta wants to keep as much control over fares as it can. Its answer? Limit the growth of capacity. We'll see in the next couple of weeks to what degree its competitors follow suit.

2 weeks ago