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We are now deep into the season of summer advertising and brands are pulling out all the stops to inspire a last-minute weekender or family trip.


Hilton Hotels shares a new tagline in its summer holiday ad — ‘Our stage, Your story’– emphasizing the brand’s role in supporting families and the creation of life-long memories. We’ve noticed a trend in which brands imbue their summer ads with a hint of nostalgia in an effort to inspire future trips.


Room Mate Hotels serves up one of the most creative and pleasant-to-watch videos for an app -aunch video that we’ve ever seen. Although the app itself, which asks customers to check-in when sleeping for points towards a night at Room Mate, won’t take off — the video and concept will increase brand awareness.



Welcome to Yorkshire is celebrating the start of the Tour de France and its role in the historic race with a series of videos that highlight different aspects of the destination’s culture. The children in the campaign create an appealing juxtaposition between the destination’s past and future.

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Travel before it’s not fun anymore, urges South African student booking site Student Flights. The company’s new ads show a grandmother and grandfather in settings usually heralded by young, often irresponsible young travelers — strip bars and coffee shops.

The idea is clever and adds an element of timeliness for viewers watching and considering their next trip.


We don’t understand a word of this Tourism Thailand ad, but it is interesting to watch a tourism ad created by and for travelers outside of the United States. There is a playfulness to the ad that is seen less in U.S. campaigns.

Photo Credit: Travel before it's not fun anymore, urges South African student booking site Student Flights. Student Flights / Vimeo