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Rather than focus on the seats or the Wi-Fi, these airline ads focus on the in-flight experience from who you meet to what you see — the aspect of air travel that truly make it a memorable experience.


This neat one-minute video from Expedia takes travelers through a day in the life of Barcelona from an overhead perspective. The city takes on a miniature, game-like look that does little to inform potential visitors about the destination outside of the aspiration element.

Aerolineas Argentina’s creative new ad campaign pairs an aviation poem over visuals of the inside and outside a descending flight. It is not often that a quiet and calm ad has the same impact as colorful and creative campaign, this one succeeds.

Austrian Airlines‘ latest ad is one in a series of ads that portrays celebrities alongside ordinary flyers. This particular ad places opera singer Anna Netrebko in the same aisle as a fan and in this particular scenario, the two become friends. Austrian Airlines is cleverly putting focus on the experience of flying rather the end point itself.

Visit Florida released several 30 second spots this past week that highlight the different aspects of local culture from food to fishing. Florida is in a prime spot right now, attracting a record number of tourists from Latin America and around the world, so its marketing efforts are centered around educating tourists on all there is to do, extending their stay and the number of cities they visit.

Thomson Holidays plays into family stereotypes with its ‘Ogre’ ad. The video portrays a stiff unhappy man who loses his Ogre-like features until he finally eases up and relaxes with his wife and child on vacation. The ad was released several months ago and we’re surprised it didn’t receive more pushback since release.

Photo Credit: Austrian Airlines celebrates the in-flight experience by portraying a chance encounter between a flyer and a celebrity. Austrian Airlines / YouTube