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This week’s roundup of travel ads use satire and comedy to connect with travelers and build their brand from a new angle.


Citizen M promotes its new Times Square property with this comical ad that ridicules tired hotel cliches, like towel swans, by literally killing them in this animated sequence. The untraditional ad aligns well with the untraditional design of Citizen M hotels. Watch until the end to appreciate the video.

Bangkok Airways‘ attempt at satire will surely puzzle viewers who wonder whether the sing-a-long is for real, at least until their questions are confirmed with a man hopping in Glee-like fashion over an airport bench. The ad was created as part of Bangkok Airways’ brand restructuring that puts attitude before duty in defining the airline’s service.

Emirates Airlines likens its flight attendants to Tinker Bell in its new ad campaign that shows the small ways in which the crew improve passengers’ flight experience without ever being asked.

Turkish Airlines‘ adorable new ad is in Turkish, but it needs no translation. The ad follows four young children’s attempt to lure a plane to their runway and eventually succeed much to their delight. The airline brings childlike wonder back to travel, no words needed.

New Orleans‘ new summer ad campaign embodies the pace of the city quick action spots the cover everything from transport to food to entertainment. This particular ad will appear on TV channels nationwide throughout summer 2014.

Photo Credit: A man jumps over airport bunches in Bangkok Airway's satirical new ad. Vimeo