As we build out our competitive intelligence platform SkiftIQ — now focused around social data for travel brands — we also want to create deeper results-driven learnings for companies grappling with the explosion of social channels, as well as the connected traveler who uses all these channels.

To do this we are partnering with Simpliflying to launch the first immersive Masterclass workshop in New York City, on March 25, in Skift’s offices in midtown Manhattan.

The new realities of social media mean that it is no longer enough to just have a large number of fans or followers, or to just keep running contests. The ability to drive specific business goals and measure the results when using social media is invaluable.

In this MasterClass, you will learn from over 30 case studies from airlines and travel brands around the world that successfully drive revenues from social media. We will also present SkiftIQ data on social effectiveness of brands as part of the session.

It will be possibly the best investment of three hours you’d make all year. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up here.

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As part of the workshop, you will also get a one month free subscription to SkiftIQ.

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