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Today we launched SkiftIQ, our first foray into premium data services, built around competitive intelligence dashboards of metrics that matter to travel brands.

With this, we’re also launching our competitive benchmark score for the travel industry called Skift Score, which incorporates proprietary methodology to come up with cross-sector digital IQ for travel brands, with the goal of creating a common language of competitive intelligence.

The first list of Top 10 most effective social media brands in travel, as judged by their Skift Score, are below. The ranking/score is out of 1000, with a simple-yet-powerful formula then weighs and normalizes distribution in order to come up with a final score from 0-1000. More info here.

The Top 10 Travel Brands, By Skift Score

NameSkift ScoreTwitter FollowsFacebook LikesYoutube Video ViewsInstagram Followers
American Airlines951668,8001,114,9413,836,63119,203
TAM Airlines944545,8741,576,6955,775,74122,397
Virgin America940467,076480,3139,605,17029,214
Air France FR930301,3452,751,9712,420,10318,810
Four Seasons Hotels91593,342204,0651,603,50424,589
Marriott Internat’l890277,567174,034404,4024841
Photo Credit: KLM, the travel brand with the highest Skift Score.