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Like JetBlue, Delta Air Lines is trying to get some marketing mileage out of its new policy on portable electronics, and in a LOL moment the airline shows that the new rules will be of interest way beyond its much-wooed business travelers.

Here’s the video, entitled Lily’s Delta Surprise:

As Lily obviously knows, the new policy on portable electronics below 10,000 feet does not just apply to e-readers and other devices suitable for adults, but kids will be able to get their games and movies going, too.

And keen YouTube-philes will notice, this is derived off a very popular original video “Lily’s Disneyland Surprise!” about a young girl Lily who finds out she’s going to Disneyland on her 6th birthday.

Photo Credit: Lily experiences a range of emotions in a new Delta video when she learns of Delta's new policy on portable electronics below 10,000 feet. Delta Air Lines