Earlier this month we launched our Skift Trends Report subscription service, and as part of that, the first report “Rise of the Chinese Independent Traveler” is most definitive report ever done covering what the next generation of Chinese travelers want from their experience.

While outbound travel for Chinese mainland citizens is still dominated by group tours that often bus the tourists from city to city, its growth is slowing when compared to the meteoric rise of independent tourism. Fully independent outbound tourism is growing even faster than foreign travel in general, and the market is still in its infancy. This trend goes hand-in-hand with a demographic sea change for China: a second generation of affluent consumers coming of age.

From the report, an extract on the six characteristics that define this next generation of Chinese travelers (lot more in the report):  Buy the Report

  1. Younger – 60% are in the consumer “sweet spot” between 25 and 45.
  2. Richer – Over 80% have an annual income over 60,000 RMB. The average for urban consumers is 24,000 RMB.
  3. More educated – The vast majority at least have bachelors degrees.
  4. More sophisticated travelers – Fully independent tourists usually aren’t on their first trip abroad. Many study or have studied in other countries. Even when they aren’t fluent in foreign languages, they aren’t afraid to deal with locals on their own. Younger Chinese are more worldly than their parents, but still proudly Chinese.
  5. More connected – The internet is the main source of information for independent tourists. They see internet and social networking access as a major necessity. They often consult friends for travel advice and use first-hand travelogues in blogs when planning a trip.
  6. Demanding – This whole generation of only children that grew up in relative abundance is accustomed to high quality and attentive service.

To get more characteristics, understand the forces that are influencing China’s outbound market, and learn strategies that will help travel providers understand and market to this demographic, get our report, click on the button below to get more information.

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Photo credit: Young Chinese tourists in Italy. Chinese Tourists / Flickr

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