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Tourists See England as One Big Sale Sign Right Now

Until UK retailers adjust prices, the country will attract visitors happy to spend as much or more than in the past, yet walk away with so much more.

11 hours ago

The Changing Habits of China’s Millennial Travelers — Digital Marketing News This Week

There are 400 million Chinese millennials. For any marketer still not convinced that China is the future of the travel industry, there are now 400 million reasons to change your mind.

3 days ago

Qantas’ Return to Beijing Follows Surge of Chinese Visitors to Australia

Qantas will fly daily to Beijing for the first time in years, as Chinese vacationers and business travelers flock to Australia.

1 week ago

New Agreement More Than Doubles Number of Allowed Flights Between UK and China

China is a long way from being an open market, but for carriers in China and the UK, this is welcome news. And since it means more flights, and more competition, it could lead to sightly lower fares.

2 weeks ago

The Changing Travel Habits of China’s Golden Week Tourists

Turns out China's outbound tourists are just as complicated as all other tourists. And there are many of them so very ready to see the world in all its diversity.

2 weeks ago

Chinese Travelers’ Overseas Spending Data Doesn’t Add up in the U.S., EU and Japan

Many Chinese travelers take overseas trips to buy goods and avoid taxes but it looks like that's having adverse effects on the global economy.

1 month ago

China’s Booming Middle Class Is Good News for Boeing and Airlines

An emerging middle class is great news not just for the manufacturer, but for airlines, hotels, destinations, and — most of all — those that emerge.

1 month ago

Chinese Tourists Avoid Taiwan as Political Tensions Rise

Tourism boards hate playing politics, but when situations get extreme the smart ones speak out about what's in their best interest.

1 month ago

Interview: UNWTO Secretary-General on the World-Changing Power of Travel

If you want to understand what's happening right now in global tourism, the first person you should listen to is the UNWTO's Taleb Rifai.

2 months ago

Japan Has a Word to Describe the Effects of Chinese Tourists’ ‘Explosive Shopping’

The diversification of Chinese tourists' shopping interests is good news for Japan. But as European tourism officials will tell you, they shouldn't be surprised if shopping habits change.

2 months ago

Cruise Ship Building Boom a Boon for Germany’s Shipbuilding Industry

China may be able to compete on price, but the long history Germany has building ships is still giving it an edge over emerging rivals.

3 months ago

Las Vegas Will Get Its First Non-Stop Flights to Beijing in December

The new Hainan Airlines service will help boost Las Vegas' gambling operations and drive higher convention attendance from Asia.

3 months ago