Yellowstone National Park Helps Chinese Tourists With Mandarin-Speaking Rangers

The U.S. has long been less hospitable to non-English speakers than many other top tourist destinations. News like this makes us feel good.

Chinese Tourists See Brexit Vote and Pound Decline as One Big ‘Sale’ Sign

While we don't have Burberry on our shopping list, we look forward to feeling less squeezed this summer when we visit London. It's a feeling that most visitors have practically forgotten.

Visa Says We’re About to See a Huge Jump in International Travel

The boom in global travel is driving a huge increase in new tourism infrastructure development, which will make access easier and more affordable to more destinations, especially in emerging markets. But we will point out that the China and Russia numbers feel especially optimistic.

Chinese Tourists Are Staying Away From Taiwan Because Both Countries Are Playing Politics

With Taiwan being a convenient destination for Chinese travelers--the world's largest outbound market--to get to, it seems like a lose-lose for both countries as they continue to be at odds.

Oral History of Online Travel: Ctrip’s Different Path to China’s Consumers

Ctrip did its own thing and adapted to conditions in China when it was created but its founders were very much aware of what was going on in the rest of the world, including the development of search engines, as well as Travelocity, Expedia and Priceline. One of the things that differentiated Ctrip from the outset was it appreciated the outsized importance of technology.

Online Travel Booking Grows in China, But Traditional Agents Still Dominate

Even though we're only talking about booking sites having 20 percent penetration in China, that's still a big number--between 30 to 40 million people--that continue to grow more accepting towards booking sites and the Internet on which they live.

China Will Be the Largest Overseas Visitor Market for the U.S. by 2020

Chinese travelers will continue to be more common in many U.S. markets during the next five years, but their numbers will not grow as fast as they have over the last decade.

Nevada Renewing Efforts to Attract More Chinese Tourists

Many Chinese tourists love casinos and nature, which are plentiful in Nevada. But they also love those things in their own country, making the state's push more challenging to show how they're different.

Another Luxury Retail Brand Cites Tourism Spending as Reason for Slump

Tourists aren't stupid. When money's tight, the trip counts more than the shopping for luxury goods they don't really need.

Hong Kong Disneyland Cuts Jobs as Mainland Tourism Drops

Hong Kong and mainland China need to hit reset on their tourism relationship.