Chinese Airlines Still Report Massive Foreign-Exchange Losses

Most of China's airlines receive substantial government help, so they can weather any foreign-exchange related losses.

Disney Rival Wanda’s Latest Move Is a $9.5 Billion Tourism Project in China

Dalian Wanda Group is building at breakneck speed, but Disney executives have said they don't feel threatened. We think there's room for more than one entertainment giant in China.

MSC Cruises Is Setting up Shop in China, Signaling More Growth

How great is the appetite among Chinese travelers for cruise vacations? International cruise operators think they've only just started testing the waters and demand will continue to grow.

The Next Three Olympics Are Headed to Korea, Japan, and China

No Olympic Games is ever without its troubles or controversies, and hosting the Games is never cheap. Given what's happened in Rio, however, it's clear that Olympic organizers are realizing they need to be much smarter about which cities they pick to play host: While it's an incredible honor and source of pride for the countries picked, it can also be a tremendous financial and logistical burden, too.

Interview: Airbnb’s China Rival Tujia and the Power of Home-Field Advantage

Given what happened with Didi Chunxing and Uber, can other businesses like Airbnb compete in China? What can vacation rental and homesharing companies learn from homegrown Chinese startups like Tujia?

Ctrip CEO Interested in U.S. Potential and Sees a Brexit Boom

Would the world's second-largest online travel agency in market cap, Ctrip, entertain the idea of entering the U.S. market to complement its sites in mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore? The x's and o's are unclear but the idea isn't as far-fetched as it might seem given Chinese investment in the U.S. and the Ctrip CEO's statements about his interest in the U.S. market

Chinese Airlines Are Offering Fat Paychecks to Cope With Aviation Boom

It makes sense that as China's airline industry expands it will need more pilots. Carriers elsewhere may have to increase what they pay in order to compete.

China Considers Allowing Mobile Phone Use for Web Access on Planes

Chinese travelers would get to use WeChat and other mobile applications on flights under new rules now under consideration. There is no safety reason to keep existing prohibitions and lifting them will open all kinds of e-commerce opportunities for the airlines.

China Mergers Mean Ride-Sharing and Travel Discounting May Dwindle

A wave of consolidation in China, with Didi Chuxing acquiring Uber's China operations, and Ctrip taking control of rivals Qunar and eLong, means that the era of insane levels of discounting is coming to a close.

The Cruise Industry Is Still Exploding in Asia But Prices Are Under Pressure

While the tone has changed this year in conversations about China — lower prices will do that — executives say they still believe in the market for the long term.