Abercrombie & Kent Acquired by Chinese Investment Group

The flow of Chinese investment into travel and tourism, along with other sectors, continues unabated. China is not only making its mark with outbound travelers but its money is flowing into strategic assets as well.

South Korea is Worried New Missile Defense System Will Deter Chinese Tourists

With Chinese outbound travel growing so rapidly and the Chinese government actively encouraging its citizens to travel abroad, it seems unlikely that the government would restrict travel to South Korea.

Macau Casinos Think the Return of VIP Gamblers Could Mean a Resurgence

Macau is going where the money is with VIP gamblers but it's anyone's guess whether that will end up paying off for the city.

Brand USA Says It Is Having Trouble Reaching Its Tourism Goals

President Obama's goal of bringing 100 million foreign travelers to the U.S. in 2021 may have been too ambitious given global instability and an unexpectedly strong U.S. dollar. The first challenge is to bring back Canadian tourists.

A Drastic Dearth of Mainland Chinese Visitors Hurts Hong Kong’s Retail Businesses

If mainland Chinese visitors aren't shopping in Hong Kong as much anymore, the big question is where are they shopping now? Here's hoping the construction of the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge will help boost tourism in Hong Kong and neighboring Macau, which has also seen its visitor numbers decline.

Tourists Stick to Established Destinations in North America Amid Global Demand Shift

Quintessential North American vacation destinations like Orlando, Las Vegas, and the Caribbean remain popular with travelers despite global vacation booking trends shifting to more diverse countries and cities.

What’s at Stake as Shanghai Disney Brings the Magic to Mainland China

All eyes will stay on the new resort to see how Disney pulls off its entrance into a highly desirable market.

Uber’s Top Competition in China Just Raised Another Huge Financing Round

Even Apple is betting against Uber in China.

CEO Interview: How Cruising Has Prepared for Its Push Into Asia

Cruising has quietly gotten its act together after regulators and public opinion turned against the industry a few years ago following several safety and health mishaps. Now, it's up to the industry's leaders to chart a course for the future.

Ctrip Reports Q1 Loss but Beats Analyst Expectations

Despite losing $245 million in the first quarter, Ctrip CEO James Liang characterized it as a "great quarter" because of increased revenue and improved margins. With discounting waning and given the consolidation that Ctrip engineered, the future looks bright for China's largest online travel agency.