The former home of Sacramento serial killer Dorothea Puente has become a tourist destination, with visitors touring the dining room where she drugged her victims and the yard where she buried them.

The Sacramento Bee reports the Victorian duplex is one of five featured houses on the Old City Association Home Tour this year.

Seven bodies were unearthed in the yard in 1988.

Among recent visitors were John Cabrera, lead homicide detective in the Puente killings, and Laura Santos, who as deputy coroner also worked the case.

A female mannequin representing Puente, dressed in a red coat and holding a green shovel, stands guard at one corner of a patio deck.

Known for running a boardinghouse for the elderly, Puente was convicted of three murders. She died in prison two years ago at age 82.

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Photo Credit: Dorothea Puente's former home in Sacramento. ilvadel / Flickr