This week’s SkiftAds roundup travels to Colombia, Czech, and Norway onboard airlines SAS and Jetstar. A combination of fast-paced quick videos alongside languid destination pieces is a pleasant respite from the rest of the news we are watching today.



Czech Tourism‘s new ads are meant to promote the destination as a haven for active, outdoorsy tourists with a focus on couples and family. At 16 seconds each, viewers are expected to pick up on the message of the video pretty quickly, but their simplicity and brevity is appreciated has most people are over inundated with media. Bonus points for the quick promotions of its social media accounts at the end.


The trouble with Colombia’s new tourism campaign “Magical Realism” is that the majority of tourists aren’t aware of the country’s literary icons or work on which the campaign is based. The concept is too niche for such international reach, although it is an improvement over its previous slogans.

What Colombia got wrong with its slogan, it gets right with its video. Each video highlights a different region or activity specific to Colombia; and each is beautifully made thanks to the stunning backdrop that is Colombia.


SImilar to Expedia’s Find Yours campaign, Australian airline Jetstar celebrates crossing the 100 aircraft milestone by giving away three flights to three very deserving recipients. The video tells the story of a maid, a pastry chef, and a Muay Thai fighter living in Singapore and watches their journey to a dream destination on Jetstar’s crime.


This video from SAS is how all airline TV spots should be: bright, fun, and to the point. Travelers already know which airlines exist so ads should serve to either brand a carrier or highlight great deals. In most cases, the faster this can be done, the better.

[vimeo 64122803 w=500 h=281]

Sitting among Vimeo’s Staff Picks is Polar Spirits from Ole C. Salomonsen. Salomonsen takes many viewers closer to the Northern Lights than they will ever get in real life, and his ability to capture the surreal phenomenon is an inspiration for all to make the journey. This is third video in three years taken in the arctic northern Norway.

November 16, 2022
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Photo credit: Jetstar's new campaign takes a page from Expedia's emotional playbook. . Jetstar