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What's the difference between an unlicensed driver picking up passengers at an airport using who's found his passenger with an app and one who finds the passenger by carefully approaching passengers at the departure gate? One we call "disruptive," the other we find distasteful.

San Francisco International Airport hit six popular ride sharing services with cease-and-desist orders, barring them from picking up and dropping off passengers at the main airport for which many of these very same companies are based.

Such services don’t have to jump through the same set of hoops the state requires of a traditional cab companies, and their recent surge in popularity has drawn the ire of taxi and limo drivers. But they are operating within a gray area of current California law.

“We have an obligation to ensure safety and provide a fair playing field for all transportation providers,” said Airport Spokesman Doug Yakel. “This is a much bigger issue than just the airport.”

The cease-and-desist order issued to SideCar:

Download (PDF, 877KB)

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