General Motors Buys Assets of Shuttered Ride-Hailing Company Sidecar

The ride-hailing space is getting really interesting this year. Much more so than we were expecting.

Sidecar Calls It Quit Amidst Multi-Billion Dollar Competitors Uber and Lyft

When you're up against unicorns the challenge is steep if you're competing on price or coverage, two things that you can't win on.

Insurance Boss and Uber Leader Trade Barbs in Liability Spat

We're waiting for the company that comes up with smart insurance policies geared toward sharing economy participants.

California Regulators Warn Lyft and Uber About Airport Pickups

CPUC has demonstrated that while it's more willing than most to work with the new car services, it's not about to be a pushover.

What New York’s New Mayor Doesn’t Get About Uber or Taxis

Agreed. The smartest move would be to create a level field for all. That wouldn't make anyone happy, of course -- except consumers.

Uber and Lyft Will Have to Play by Same Rules as Traditional Taxis in Illinois

Despite wanting to be regulated as something from the magical future, Uber and its peers are taxi companies and should play by the same rules.

Ride-Share Drivers Committing Insurance Fraud Says San Francisco District Attorney

There's a growing market for a smart insurance policy that would fill the gaps we're seeing in the sharing economy.

Uber, Lyft and Sidecar Have Until Today to Provide Insurance Details to Chicago

Neither drivers nor consumers are protected by the insurance policies ride-share drivers have. But Lyft, Uber, and Sidecar are protected since they're merely "ground transportation platforms."

Chicago Taxi Operators Sue the City for Allowing Uber and Lyft to Operate

Whether it's cars, buses, or accommodation, the lack of enforcement of existing laws by municipalities is the loudest complaint by businesses that are playing by the rules.

Taxi and Car-Share Companies on Driver Recruitment Push

Sidecar and Lyft don't stand much of a chance against Uber unless they start thinking "What Would Travis Do?"