Uber and Lyft Will Help Drivers Get Cars – For a Price

This seems like a win-win for the ridesharing companies and the car companies working with them. What's debatable is whether drivers really benefit, too.

Uber Looks for a Truce in Its Billion Dollar Battle With Chinese Rival Didi

You know it must be a rough battle if Uber is trying to make friendly. But considering the ambitions of both companies this would only be a temporary truce.

Taxis Battling Ridesharing Services Are Losing the Fight for Business Travelers

As app-based ride-hailing services become widespread in personal use, it's no surprise that corporate travel use is also increasing — even if some employers aren't fully on board yet.

Ridesharing and Car Services May Join Forces Sooner Than You Think

The irony of this conversation, unfortunately for car services, is that ridesharing trips already account for nearly half of ground transportation spending expensed through U.S. companies. So the fingerpointing and recriminations continue.

Two Years Later Uber and Concur Expand Corporate Travel Integration

Anyone doubting the complexities of corporate travel should know that it took two years for Uber and Concur to get to this stage.

4 FREE Trends Reports and a Data Deck on the Forces Shaping Business Travel

While we’re off celebrating the Fourth of July, here are 4 FREE Trends Reports and a brand new Data Deck to get you through the day

Hertz Signs Deals With Uber, Lyft to Rent Very Used Cars to Drivers

If you can't beat 'em, then join 'em -- or at least, from Hertz's perspective, partner with Uber and Lyft to attract a new revenue stream. Hertz, Avis Budget, Enterprise and others can't sit on their butts and they are scurrying to adapt.

New Skift Data Deck: The Forces Shaping Business Travel

The Forces Shaping Business Travel Data Deck paints a picture of the business travel landscape and the trends impacting the business traveler of the future through a curation of charts, stats, and data. Download this data deck for free!

Lyft Hires Investment Bank to Explore Deal Options

Lyft would likely have a ton of suitors if it were looking for a sale as it would be a great vehicle for automakers or car rental companies, to cite a few possibilities, to transform their businesses.

Lyft’s $27 Million Deal to Make Drivers Independent Contractors is One Step Closer to Approval

Lyft's case is hopefully a bit for foreshadowing into how Uber's similar case will be handled. As demand increases for ride-sharing drivers have every right to demand that their pay reflects that.