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Traditional Car Services Won’t Disappear From Corporate Travel Anytime Soon

While ridesharing has gained solid traction in corporate travel, the business model of traditional car services providing ground transportation to companies is still strong. What remains to be seen is whether car services will widely adopt more user-friendly interfaces for hailing cars on demand.

5 days ago

Uber and Lyft’s Growth Is Slowing in Most Major U.S. Cities

Ridesharing growth in the U.S. is slowing but it's not stopping. If Uber, Lyft and other relevant players can stick to the markets and consumer segments that matter they'll continue to capture them.

2 weeks ago

Is Uber’s Huge Commission Rate a Red Flag and Opportunity for Competitors?

Uber's high commissions -- which piss off drivers -- represent an opportunity for competitors, although Lyft's take rate is roughly on par with Uber's. At some point, Uber might need to hurt its own bottom line by being more generous with its drivers -- especially since driverless cars aren't around the corner.

3 weeks ago

Uber Loses Early Battle to Lyft Over Fake Ride Dirty Trick Claims

Arbitration requirements by tech upstarts are an insult to their users — both drivers and passengers alike.

2 months ago

Google Challenging Uber With New Waze-Powered Ride-Share Service

Google-owned Waze is a compelling navigation app, but whether Google can turn it into the foundation for a winning ride-share service will have to be tested in the marketplace over the next few months and years. Google is a latecomer to the field, although the sector is likely to undergo more disruption and a revolution in years to come.

2 months ago

The IRS Makes It Easier to Pay Taxes on Uber and Airbnb Income

This is a clear sign that the sharing economy isn’t in its infancy anymore.

2 months ago

Uber Tells Investors It Won’t Get in Any Lyft Bidding War

Lyft is only now becoming a real threat to Uber. It seems premature to seek an exit.

2 months ago

Uber and Lyft Work With Cities to Replace Public Buses

Uber and Lyft could be part of urban innovation plans to streamline public transit but increased traffic and fumes could be a roadblock in some cases.

2 months ago

Rental Car Execs Say Business Is Strong Despite Brexit and Terror

Car rental companies have bounced back in the last year by becoming smarter about how they reach customers and invest in technology.

3 months ago

Driver Unionization at Uber and Lyft Escapes a Court Challenge

It isn't often that you see an organization such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce come to the defense of ride-sharing companies that compete with more established car-rental and taxi interests out of concern about unionization efforts at these sharing-economy companies. Lyft and Uber are finding friends in all kinds of crazy places.

3 months ago

Uber’s New Didi Partnership is Stronger Than Lyft and General Motors’

Now that Uber has all but turned its back on China and conceded that giant market to Didi Chuxing through their new partnership it has more time and money to focus on taking away U.S. market share from Lyft.

3 months ago

Uber and Lyft Will Help Drivers Get Cars – For a Price

This seems like a win-win for the ridesharing companies and the car companies working with them. What's debatable is whether drivers really benefit, too.

3 months ago