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Best Travel Ads This Week: A Course in Creativity


Looking through this week’s travel ads is like taking a brief course in marketing creativity, containing both do’s and don’ts and the examples to prove why.


Air Transat comically recreates what it’s like to sit or watch movies on planes with these two short videos. Any whose traveled a long distance can sympathize with adjusting your position a hundred times or the emotions that come along with binge watching a movie marathon. The clips do nothing to brand Air Transat or even let the viewer know its a Canadian airline, but we still like them.

Momondo‘s newest ad aims to inspire viewers to get off their bum and see somewhere new. Most of the search and booking engine’s ads skew inspirational with a clear millennial target. Although emotions can feel too produced at times, we agree with the underlying message: “Think of all the places you haven’t seen, the meals you haven’t tasted, the people you haven’t met. They’re already waiting for you, somewhere, out there. So use your curiosity, take it out with you into the world, for all the moments waiting to be explored.”

Czech Tourism‘s new ads goes for the show over tell approach but still doesn’t deliver a strong branding punch. The images are lovely and the tourists look happy, but the ads don’t do enough to suggest why viewers should pick Czech over all their other choices.

Discover Los Angeles  has published a series of short 15-second clips highlighting the events and activities in LA. The two above show visitors fawning over a celebrity in a coffee shop and adventure travelers kayaking with dolphins. All the ads end with the question, “What’s your LA story?”

Hyatt Hotels does a cool thing in this video by giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into the refurbishment of the l’Hôtel du Louvre. Hyatt is collaborating with the Parisian product design and interior architecture school École Camondo to modernize the hotel while still protecting its cultural legacy.

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