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Skift Wellness newsletter is sent once a week on Thursdays covering the business of modern wellness through a lens of marketing, strategy and tech, the same lens we use in travel and dining sectors. Modern Wellness for us encompasses wellness tech, travel, athleisure, food and drinks, nutrition, mind and body, beauty and spa, work and home.

We think very little exists that speaks about the modern business of wellness and does journalistic critical examination beyond the consumer media one-off coverage. There’s no central place to see which nutritional supplement received 10 million in funding, which athleisure ad campaign was a flop, or which company is using innovative tech to make it easier to live well (or at least claims to). That’s where Skift Wellness comes in.

The Skift Wellness Weekly newsletter, our launch product, will be a curated brief of what’s happening in the wellness world, from a global business standpoint.

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