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Short-Term Rental and Vacation Rental News

Find news stories, highlighting the latest trends, developments, and opportunities in the vacation and short-term rental markets. Read stories about property management, regulation changes, and the impact of technology on the guest experience. News stories in the archive also analyze the role of major players in the industry, such as Airbnb, Vrbo, and, and how their strategies and innovations are influencing the overall market.


Airbnb has problems that good PR can’t solve

From bad internet to dirty apartments, Airbnb's problems may not differ widely from other accommodation providers, but the peer-to-peer nature of the service carries with it greater expectations.


PR: Time-share giant Interval saw a sunny Q1

Helped along by its acquisition of Vacation Resorts International, the timeshare giant saw positive growth in the first part of the year.


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More than just accommodations: How Airbnb is getting a little more ambitious

If you trust Airbnb to connect you with an apartment, why not turn to them for a parking space or a bike, the company asks.


Airbnb and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee want to figure out their tax challenges

San Francisco and Airbnb, one of its booming new tech businesses, are trying to figure out whether apartment and vacation home rentals should be subject to occupancy taxes


HomeAway is showing its rental owners how they can do social better

Vacation rental owners aren't typically as savvy as the sites they advertise on. HomeAway is trying to take some of the mystery out of social for them.


Video: Airbnb co-founder talks succes and apartment rentals in Amsterdam

Airbnb continues its successful media and industry momentum with an appearance at The Next Web's conference in Amsterdam.


Last-minute bookings on Airbnb are aided by new iPhone alerts

Even with mobile alerts, sharing services still face hurdles connecting travelers with last-minute bookings.


HomeAway’s 250 developers are very happy with agile development

How the home rental leader learned to stop worrying and love the development method some love to hate.


Q&A with a father of online home exchange

Ed Kushins describes the origins and strengths of his 43,000 member home exchange business.


How to earn extra money this summer by renting out your home

The WSJ points out that it's much easier to rent your home to others if you live somewhere nice.