Video: Carnival Corp. CEO on Winning Over the Non-Cruisers

We were happy to begin this year's Forum with a conversation with Donald, and we're happy to argue (or agree) with him any time about the future of travel.

4 days ago

Virgin Cruises Rebrands as Virgin Voyages, Finally Signs Deal for Three Ships

Virgin is still on track to launch its first cruise ship from Miami in 2020. Whether Richard Branson can convince people who don't normally cruise to try one of his ships is still an open question.

5 days ago

Norwegian Cruise Line Bets More on Alaska After Caribbean Disappoints

Norwegian Cruise Line is betting that Alaska cruise passengers will turn up — and pay a premium — for a big new ship designed for the market.

1 week ago

Royal Caribbean Is Ordering a New Class of Megaships

Royal Caribbean will need to completely rethink the way it designs and powers ships in order to use liquefied natural gas and fuel cell technology. It's an interesting challenge, and we find it especially notable that the cruise company is not trying to break its own capacity records.

2 weeks ago

Large Cruise Ships in the Arctic Prompt Calls for Regulation

We've written often about the dangers of overtourism. As cruise lines and other travel industry players bring larger ships and greater numbers of visitors to fragile destinations such as the Arctic, they should proceed with caution and care.

2 weeks ago

Cruise Industry’s Latest Sustainability Report Doesn’t Contain Data on Sustainability

If you're going to release a report trying to show the strides your industry has made in sustainability, it helps to have concrete evidence to bear that out. Asserting that advanced technology, which has yet to even be installed, has solved the problem is misleading and damaging to the credibility of cruising at large.

3 weeks ago

Carnival Corp. CEO Says Empathy Is Vital in Complicated World

Arnold Donald has done an impressive job turning around Carnival Corp.'s image. Now he has to lead it into the future in an extremely competitive global cruise market.

4 weeks ago

Carnival Corp. Says Its Cruise Business Is Strong, Even in Europe

Carnival Corp. had a strong quarter at a time when some competitors struggled, but questions will remain about how quickly the industry is growing in China.

4 weeks ago

Celebrity Cruises Wades Into Political Waters With Its New Ad Campaign

Celebrity Cruises recognizes that fear is bad for travel — and doesn't seem worried about rocking the boat with a politically charged ad.

4 weeks ago

Sitka, Alaska Is Banking on More Cruise Ships in 2017

It's great to see economic impact measured in bagels and bacon rather than T-shirts and bad jewelry.

4 weeks ago

China’s Cruise Boom Is Getting Some Homegrown Ships

China's cruise market is still in its early days, but the world's biggest industry players are trying to help it mature fast.

4 weeks ago

MSC Is Adding One More Ship to the Crowded China Market

Global cruise lines have been feeling the pressure on pricing as more competitors enter China. Still, MSC Cruises is betting that the market will be ready for a second ship from the line in 2018.

1 month ago