Points Gurus Agree: Elite Frequent Flyers Are Disenchanted With Program Changes

The Points Guy founder Brian Kelly and Airfare Watchdog founder George Hobica agree that the value of loyalty programs is eroding. But around the edges, there's still plenty of value to be found.

7 hours ago

Routehappy CEO: Airlines, Like Coffee, Are Not a Commodity Business

The old joke in the airline business is travelers choose their flight based on three factors — price, price and price. But maybe that's not as true as some people thought.

9 hours ago

Air Canada President: Business Class Customers Don’t Like Surprises

Air Canada's Ben Smith is right. Air Canada's newish international business class is at least as good as first class was a decade or two ago. That's probably why travelers who fly it tend to rave about it.

10 hours ago

Air Berlin, in Financial Peril, May Send 40 Aircraft to a Competitor

Etihad, which owns 29 percent of Air Berlin, may have finally decided it no longer wants to subsidize mounting losses. If this deal happens, Air Berlin will still be around, but at a more manageable size.

1 day ago

New UN Pollution Guidelines Could Cost Airlines $24 Billion, but Many are on Board

The guidelines being proposed are not as stringent as they could be, and airlines with enough cash to pay for offsets hardly will be affected. Still, this is a good start.

1 day ago

Emirates CEO Interview and 6 Other Aviation Trends This Week

These are the aviation trends we were talking about this week.

3 days ago

More Nations Sign on to Plan to Regulate Airline Emissions

Airlines would likely much rather submit to a regime that focuses on carbon offsets than methods that would limit flights and impose restrictions on fuel.

3 days ago

Southwest Expects to Take its First Boeing 737 Max Ahead of Schedule

The Boeing 737 Max is so ahead of schedule that Southwest isn't yet sure how soon it will be able to place its first 10 aircraft in service. For an airline, that's a good problem to have. Many planes are delivered late by manufacturers.

3 days ago

Source: Alaska and Virgin America may Delay Merger Close

Given that the government has approved three major airline mergers since 2008, most industry insiders expect it will eventually approve this one. But with this Department of Justice, you never know.

4 days ago

The Dream of a Pan-African Budget Airline Is Fading

While some of fastjet's wounds have been self-inflicted, it hasn't been helped by problems in key markets. The radical turnaround plans initiated by the new CEO seem like the last throw of the dice.

4 days ago

Brexit Isn’t Stopping UK Low-Cost Carrier Jet2 From Moving Into London’s Stansted Airport

One airline's Brexit is another airline's treasure, or something like that. Jet2 is moving into London's Standsted Airport because it feels there's a lack of packaged holidays there, something low-cost challenger Ryanair can't compete with.

6 days ago

Jetstar CEO Interview: Running the World’s Most Unique Low-Cost Carrier

What Jetstar Group has done is nearly impossible. It has taken five different airlines in five countries, most with different investors, and operating them as one brand. So far, it's worked out pretty well.

7 days ago