Here’s How Spirit Airlines will Increase its Revenues

When fuel was expensive, Spirit was one of the industry's top performers. But cheaper oil has not been helpful to the carrier, so now it must get smarter.

British Airways Parent Warns of Brexit-Related Profit Decline

It's a tough market for European airlines, who must deal with concerns about terrorism, as well as economic uncertainty. Things could get worse before they improve.

American’s Pilots Warn of Consequences From New On-Time Push

It's never easy know whether pilots are actually concerned about new guidelines, or if they're talking safety to try to pressure management to make other changes.

Southeast Asia’s Biggest Airlines Face Increased Competition

Profits are high, but it's not an easy time for full-service Southeast Asian airlines. Cathay Pacific and Singapore are getting squeezed by both budget carriers and ultra-luxury Gulf airlines.

Boeing Suggests it May Not Produce the 747 Forever

It's no secret that Boeing has been having a tough time selling 747s. But for how long will the company keep trying?

In Norwegian Air Spat, European Union will Request Formal Arbitration

U.S. airlines may not like it, but there's a good chance Norwegian will win in arbitration.

After Writedowns, Boeing Reports First Quarterly Loss Since 2009

Despite the quarterly loss, Boeing is doing fine. But with airlines starting to slow orders for new planes, will future Boeing earnings look worse?

As Demand Lags, Air France Warns of ‘Deteriorating Environment’

Expect fares to fall on Air France, which will need to do everything it can in the short term to fill its seats.

5 Takeaways from JetBlue’s Earnings Call

JetBlue is an airline on the move. But will it eventually expand to Europe? It could happen - and relatively soon.

JetBlue will Add New Jets, While Eyeing Transatlantic routes

There's a big difference between talking about trans-Atlantic routes and actually starting them. But it seems JetBlue is taking the prospect of Europe seriously.