American and United Aren’t Yet Ready to Compete With Spirit Air on Price

It's a short reprieve, but this is good news for travelers. For the next couple of months, they can buy the cheapest tickets on American and United and still get all the perks that the airlines offer to customers who buy pricier tickets.

4 hours ago

Video: Points Guy and Airfarewatchdog Debate the State of Loyalty

When it comes to points Vs. price, the starting point is always who's the traveler and who's paying.

5 hours ago

Here’s Why American, United and Delta’s On-Time Stats Should Dip

The fact that big airlines have not had to report on-time statistics for their regional brands never made sense. Under this new system, travelers will know more about the reliability of their favorite airlines.

19 hours ago

Alaska Air CEO: The Deal for Virgin America is Still on Despite Delay

There's been some drama related to Alaska's proposed acquisition of Virgin America, but many industry insiders still expect the deal to get done. And Alaska executives remain publicly confident that they will get their prize. The big question is when.

22 hours ago

American Airlines Earnings Hurt by Too Many Empty Seats and Pricey Labor

American Airlines was hit by both rising costs and declining revenue in its third quarter. It will need to keep a close eye on both in the winter months if it is going to end the year on a high.

1 day ago

Norwegian Air Has Its Best Quarterly Results Ever

Norwegian continues to succeed where other airlines had failed before. It's fuel-efficient fleet and strong cost controls mean that it is making low-cost long-haul flying a reality.

1 day ago

New U.S. Rules Could Bring Unprecedented Change to Booking Flights Online

The U.S. Department of Transporation wants to take a hard look at the distribution methods of U.S. airlines. While it's unclear if any regulation will indeed take place, a move to increase transparency in airfares and schedules would effectively empower online booking sites and metasearch providers while removing a powerful revenue management tool that airlines have used for two decades.

1 day ago

Monarch’s Flights Will Soon Lose Protection From UK Licensing Scheme

Monarch had been brought into the Civil Aviation Authority’s ATOL scheme following its near collapse in 2014. Although on the surface its departure might look worrying, it is actually reassuring that it is now able to start behaving like other airlines.

1 day ago

United Turns Its Focus From International to Domestic Growth

United's new international flights, especially those to secondary cities in China, could be massively profitable some day. But it generally takes long-haul flights some time to ramp up. It makes sense that United will now place more emphasis on its domestic network.

2 days ago

6 Highlights From the DOT’s New Passenger-Friendly Airline Guidelines

Some consumer protections are better than no consumer protections. But the steps outlined this week by the Obama Administration are relatively minor. They won't do much to change the travel experience.

3 days ago

Ryanair Is the Latest Airline to Suffer Brexit-Induced Turbulence

While an expected profit of almost $1.5 billion is still mighty impressive, the warning signs are there that a prolonged period of Brexit-based uncertainty is likely to be very bad news for airlines.

3 days ago


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