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Sharp decline in local tourism in Spain; tough summer ahead?

Much like everywhere else in Europe, no one knows what the heck's going on. Spain's huge tourism industry could taildive, or not. Meanwhile this confusion will surely hurt tourism dev efforts.


Halal tourism on rise in Turkey, as local & Middle East tourists come in

With the right mix of modern & traditional culture, catering to muslim/halal tourism is a smart move; it is also a hedge against European downturn and its effect on Turke's mainstay tourism.


Tanzania tourism exec confirms: All Americans think of Africa as single state

U.S. and European travel advisories have potential to cause havoc in emerging economies heavily reliant on tourism. Someone neutral needs to fact-check the advisories better.


Asian Tourists may save Europe’s consumer economy

With a currency that's seeing an exchange rate that favors them with double-digit percentages, tourists from China and other parts of Asia are able to save significantly on luxe goods, despite import duties back home.


Pairing the Queen Victoria with the Oriental Express for an 1930’s-era Far East adventure

This junket-generated story is nonetheless exciting with its promise of a long, lazy vacation with old-school luxe -- at new-school prices, of course.


The Ryanair effect in reverse: Flight cuts to Morocco means fewer tourists

The effect of bulk low-cost airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet can work both ways: they can dump lots of European tourists on your beaches, or they can dump you when things don't go their way. Bet other countries like Egypt -- desperate for tourism -- are lobbying Ryanair now.


Concordia’s woes continue: A faulty black box, open doors, and bad maps

The captain may be to blame for the crash, but each new report speaks to a culture onboard the Concordia that was less than ship-shape.

Business Travel

Western Africa is connecting business travelers with new opportunities

While interest in consumer goods is luring business people to western Africa, countries like China and Brazil are deeply engaged in building infrastructure.

Media and PR

Guidebook advice for Japanese in Scotland: Umbrellas, football and “the English”

Guidebooks often signal what's ahead with travel patterns, which is good news here for the Scotland that lies beyond fairways and putting greens.


Russia can only become a bigger tourism destination if it cleans up

Hilton and other brands have identified the possibilities in Russia but they, like others, are cautioned by not only a poor infrastructure, but red tape, high prices, and poor customer service.