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Google Is Killing Zagat’s 30-Point Rating System in Its Restaurant App

The new Zagat — which jettisons the old 30-point rating scale in favor of a more familiar five-point system — will have a more obvious influence from Google, its owner since 2011.

3 months ago

Top 10 Travel Media Brands on Social Media for December 2014

Candy cane themed visuals were overshadowed by listicles about winter and beach destinations.

2 years ago

Top 10 Travel Media Brands on Social Media for October 2014

National Geographic Traveler can no longer rely on its parent brand's recognition because social media is leveling the playing field for younger online based publications.

2 years ago

Updated: 21 Travel Media Brands That Lead on Social Media

Talking to users should be easy for travel media brands, but a few have managed to dominate the conversation (like LP and Travel Channel) while others surprise despite their size (like Fathom).

3 years ago

Zagat Shrinks Print Operations, Launches Free, Stripped-Down Website

Google Maps is the world's biggest funnel to destination-specific information, and it only makes sense to focus content on those users. Whether or not Zagat's distinctive ratings system and brand voice will continue to rise to the top remains to be seen.

3 years ago

Disgruntled Zagat staff say employees are no longer in love with Google

The unmentioned part of the BI story is that Google quickly felt buyer's remorse over Zagat purchase, especially after the Frommer's deal happened. Google paid a fraction of the cost for the latter and got much more content, too.

3 years ago

Developers of location-based apps just got access to Google’s Zagat reviews

It's likely the search giant will add Frommer's content into the mix once it gets normalized, if it hasn't already under Zagat branding.

4 years ago

Google Plus tries another angle to attract reviews: free goodies

Google's at the mall now, but perhaps it will try direct-mail and billboards next to prod people to write restaurant and hotel reviews for Google+.

4 years ago

Google begins adding Frommer’s reviews to Google Plus — minus the Frommer’s credit

As Google adds one Frommer's review after another to its database it's realizing that it got a great deal for $23 million and totally screwed by it's Zagat acquisition.

4 years ago

Foursquare improves its local search as it takes on Yelp and Google’s Zagat

With three billion check-ins, Foursquare has a Fort Knox of data about consumers' retail habits, but a sizeable portion of its 30 million tips about places leave a lot to be desired. Foursquare will have to do a lot of partnering or get the check-in crowd into review-writing mode to improve its search results.

4 years ago

One year after buying Zagat, Google pushes out its first free Android dining app

Although Google is a giant, its skills at creating and managing content on its own are easily some of its weakest. How well it's able to improve the Zagat mobile experience is the first big step it's taken since the acquisition.

4 years ago

Zagat’s London restaurant picks are tailor-made for the expense account set

Zagat has played at least second if not third fiddle to online user-generated online upstarts since the late 1990s. Even with its Google pedigree, it seems more dated with each new edition.

4 years ago