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Yahoo Travel Shuttered as Part of Company-Wide Reorganization

It's always a shame to see a travel site go away, especially one that was never scared to chase clicks in cheeky, creative ways.

8 months ago

Skyscanner Makes A Play for Japan With Yahoo Japan Joint Venture

Travel companies commonly face the question of how to expand beyond their home markets. In China, Scotland-based Skyscanner went the acquisition route in 2014, acquiring fellow metasearch site Youbibi. In Japan, Skyscanner hopes a joint venture with Yahoo Japan will be the answer.

1 year ago

Hipmunk Displaces Orbitz as Yahoo Travel Provider

Yahoo Travel opted to reach a deal with a search site, Hipmunk, which means in some cases users will have to navigate to Hipmunk and then navigate again to an online travel agency, airline or hotel site to complete their bookings. A little clunky, although Hipmunk also provides direct bookings on Hipmunk.com in some instances.

2 years ago

Yahoo’s New Maps Put ‘Emotionally Pleasant’ Routes Before Fast Ones

Great idea but a few hurdles: 1) making people care about Yahoo, 2) trading speed for beauty on the road is a hard proposition for some.

2 years ago

Yahoo Relaunches Yahoo Travel as a Digital Magazine With Lots of Sponsored Content

There were two interesting announcements from major travel sites April 28: TripAdvisor added Wendy Perrin, formerly of Conde Nast Traveler, as its travel advocate, and Yahoo Travel relaunched with an emphasis on editorial, but also very heavy on travel inspiration and sponsored content. TripAdvisor has one of the most well-rounded travel sites on earth, and Yahoo is being Yahoo.

2 years ago

Yahoo Hires a High-Profile Travel Editor After Much Neglect

We're looking forward to a re-invigorated Yahoo Travel. Should make things interesting.

3 years ago

Orbitz Worldwide Acquires Travelocity Affiliate Network

Now that Travelocity has unloaded its North American websites to Expedia and its private label business to Orbitz Worldwide, the largest remaining question is who will buy Travelocity's European holdings, including LastMinute.com.

3 years ago

Wander Finds a Soft Landing at Yahoo in Latest Travel App Acqui-Hire

Wander's founders were smart enough to pivot away from their travel site once they realized they knew little about the market.

3 years ago

Yelp to Supply Listings and Reviews to Yahoo for Local Search

Search is still important to Yahoo, and this new deal with Yelp will help bolster its local search results. For Yelp, it may mean it may ultimately take the plunge and get acquired by Yahoo down the line.

3 years ago

Flickr users react negatively to Yahoo’s changes

Whether it's Flickr users or Facebook users, people often react negatively to changes. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's decision to eliminate Flickr Pro and her diss (since retracted) of professional photographers didn't help matters. Give her credit, though, for trying to modernize some of Yahoo's -- shall we call them legacy -- services.

3 years ago

Yahoo gets serious about Flickr, with attractive storage bump for travelers

Facebook and Instagram may be the most popular way to share images you probably don't need to see, but Flickr has remained strong despite years of neglect from Yahoo and attacks from better-supported Google Plus. It's next year will be vital to its survival.

3 years ago

Yahoo acquires MileWise flight-search service and shuts it down

A shakeout has been looming among sites that track rewards miles and offers mileage-related flight services. MileWise's demise is the first among several other companies that will likely fade away.

3 years ago