Articles tagged “windows”

Lufthansa’s In-Flight Entertainment App Just Hit One Million Downloads

Anything that makes BYO easier, as well as build loyalty among existing customers will pay off in the long run.

2 years ago

TripAdvisor Edges Into Kayak’s Hotel Turf In Deal With Bing

The deal, particularly the desktop element of it, is a good one for TripAdvisor, even if Microsoft has struggled to become a force in travel.

3 years ago

The Skype app for Windows smartphones decided it was so good you can’t turn it off

A major glitch in the preview release makes users constantly accessible to their contacts, even after they quit the app. This is especially cumbersome on Skype where contacts are spread across various time zones.

4 years ago

Nokia Maps adds advanced route planning and Groupon Now! offers

What good was a maps app without directions? This seems like a functional necessity more than a perk, although Groupon must be happy for a chance to reach customers with location aware data -- even if only the few thousand with a Windows Phone.

4 years ago

Nokia Transport makes mapping easier for Windows Phone users

The Transport App helps users find the closest public transportation and, although useful, won't compete in the local travel field unless they roll it out to Android or iOS devices.

4 years ago

Travel inspiration and information is a native feature of Windows 8

The new Metro apps try a friendlier approach to user interface than Windows is usually known for. Its travel features -- built on the back of Frommers.com content -- packages web content as if it were an inspirational app.

4 years ago