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More on JD Power survey: Guests really, really dislike Wi-Fi hotel fees

The eternal question for hotel brands: Is the revenue they're getting out of WiFi worth the really bad taste it leaves in its consumers' mouths?


JD Power report: Hotel customer service falls short, Wi-Fi fees a big complaint

Wifi, like running hot water, is becoming a utility and hotel customers expect it to be free or cheap. And with all talk about bringing in tech in check-in experience, lack of human touch there is most grating, customers say.

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O2 blankets London’s West End with free Wi-Fi; will add local deals

London's Underground platforms launched free-WiFi last month, now's the turn of above-ground. Reliability will become a big issue as usage rises, especially since it is free.


United in-flight Wi-Fi on some planes will reach up to 10 Mbps, using Gogo

A small step to boost speeds, an interim one for sure, before satellite-based high-speed systems take off.

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SkiftAds: Gogo Wi-Fi campaign can’t wait for leisure travelers

Hey, leisure travelers want their MTV and in-flight Internet, too. Wi-Fi on high is not just for road warriors.


The top 10 hotel fees that everybody likes to complain about

From Wi-Fi to mandatory valet parking, these are the fees we've all complained about around the hotel pool. Fortunately, USAT also includes tips to avoiding them.

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New York City to use old phone booths to broadcast free public Wi-Fi

As opposed to Starbuck with chairs and tables, the city's campaign is targeted a smartphone and tablet users (or  a laptop user with good balance) who need a little extra connection along their way.

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Virgin’s Wi-Fi is now live at 41 London Tube stations

After six weeks or so of free access, Virgin hopes London residents will find their service a compelling reason to switch carriers before its paywall goes up, post-Olympics.


Oasis of the Seas to get (real) high-speed Internet for summer 2013

Like hotels and airlines before them, cruise lines are realizing that people just don't want to be disconnected. RCI's attempts to improve the experience may help it further distinguish its offering in the Caribbean.

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Southwest testing live TV on flights, direct to passengers devices

Get out of the hardware business. Smart. And while charging for the channels will raise some customer eyebrows, the wi-fi to run it comes along with the package & will be appreciated as a value package.