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Germany Will No Longer Be a Traveler’s Wi-Fi Nightmare

Good news for travelers to Germany: The country's draconian internet privacy laws have been loosened and more free Wi-Fi hotspots will soon be available to the public.

6 months ago

Wi-Fi Hotspots in NYC Will Replace Payphone Relics

The LinkNYC plan for ubiquitous Wi-Fi on NYC streets would help locals and travelers keep their data expenses in check and could be a model for other tech-savvy cities.

10 months ago

Wi-Fi Demand at Conventions Is Huge, and It’s Only Getting Bigger

Meeting planners are asking hotels with large convention space to prove the quality of the Wi-Fi before signing any contracts. They're also willing to pay for solid Wi-Fi versus always asking for comp'd service.

11 months ago

How Fast Is the ‘Fastest Internet at Sea?’

Speedy broadband internet connectivity really does improve the experience on cruise ships. If cruise lines have any change of attracting millennials en masse, it starts with high-speed Wi-Fi.

12 months ago

Gogo CEO Doesn’t Care Whether the Future of Wi-Fi Is Free or Not

In-flight Wi-Fi, with satellite service coming, is going go to get a helluva lot better. But like the initial rollout of air-to-ground-based Wi-Fi, it is going to take years.

1 year ago

Carnival Corp. Brings High-Speed Wi-Fi to All Global Brands

Carnival Corp. is wise to leverage its global scale and overhaul its global connectivity infrastructure across all brands. Internet access lets cruisers have a better time onboard.

1 year ago

German Hotels and Public Spaces May Finally Get Free Wi-Fi

Germany's draconian laws governing Internet access liability may finally come to an end, allowing hotels to offer more robust free Wi-Fi options.

1 year ago

Carnival Expanding Cheap Social Media Access to Entire Fleet

By offering low-cost social media access to passengers, Carnival Cruise Lines will enable cruisers to generate positive online marketing for the company. Perhaps they are seeing the value, and cost-effectiveness, of relying on customer testimonials instead of traditional marketing methods.

1 year ago

Hilton Gets Aggressive Telling Travelers the Lowest Price Is Only on Hilton.com

Hotels these days are doing everything they can to drive direct traffic to their own channels. Hilton's latest TV ad, though, plays a little fast and loose with the truth.

1 year ago

Virgin America’s Pick for In-Flight Wi-Fi Signals a Change for Passenger Experience

The faster Wi-Fi and new Red In-Flight Entertainment are great news for passengers, but we hope Virgin America will find a business model that will help it keep the service free in future.

1 year ago

More Content, More Games, and More Advertising Coming to In-Flight Entertainment

Millions of passengers fly every day. Millions upon millions more will fly in the coming decades. All of them are active consumers. When you run the numbers, that’s a very attractive market for advertisers. If they get the mix right, and we get free Wi-Fi out of it, we may not even mind being sold to when we fly.

1 year ago

Gogo’s Goal to Reach South American In-Flight Wi-Fi is a Go with GOL

How will the low-cost carrier price the new service?

1 year ago