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Venice Still Has a Few Islands Not Ruined by Tourists

Venice is the textbook example of what happens when you put the tourist dollar above the quality of life of residents. Sure there's money coming in, but when it stops, there's nothing else.

2 years ago

Venice Must Permit Entry to Big Cruise Ships, Italian Court Rules

A ruling that overturns a law that would have banned large cruise ships from sailing into Venice lagoons is a victory for cruise lines, and a blow to environmentalists and preservationists. This isn't the last word on the subject, however.

3 years ago

Venice Residents Win Battle to Keep Out Large Cruise Ships

It's one thing to welcome a cruise to your town and another to welcome being overrun by cruisers. Venice already knows what it's like to lose almost all of its businesses to tourism overload. It doesn't need a huge cruise ship to remind it.

3 years ago

The Last Thing That Venice Needs is an Amusement Park

The city's infrastructure and residents are, literally, drowning in tourism. Its cruise industry has made regular life almost unsustainable and development will only further erode its culture.

3 years ago

Can This Steel Flood Wall Save Venice From the Waters?

A wall may work for a few years, but without some Netherlands-like planning and development and a slowing of global warming, recent years have shown that Venice is headed towards a damp future.

3 years ago

Venice Residents Dive Into Canals to Protest Cruise Ship Over-Crowding

Venice turned artificial destination at least a decade ago and the last remaining residents fight to keep the complete exodus of real locals from happening.

3 years ago

Venice Residents Stage Protest Over Cruise Ship Invasion

Venetians have long protested the influx of cruise ships, but this will likely be a landmark rally, since 13 ships in one day marks a new level of traffic.

3 years ago

Cruise Lines Seek a Solution for Navigating Crowded Venice Waterways

Venice is infamous for delaying this type of decision for years. Still, with so many parties invested in the outcome, the cruise ship solution just may demand swift action - even in the city known for its relaxed approach to pretty much any form of tourism.

3 years ago

Venice Gondolier in Fatal Crash Tests Positive for Cocaine

Expect a small crackdown on gondolier behavior for the rest of the season, then things will return to their chaotic normal when next year's visitors arrive.

3 years ago

Venice is Finally Captured — by Foot — on Google Street View

Street View in Venice offers an intimacy with the city that Google's great mapping technology doesn't usually capture.

3 years ago

After complaints, Venice’s gondoliers may face drug and alcohol tests

Drunk and rowdy gondoliers don't exactly contribute to the romantic vibe of Venice. But the city has become such a caricature of itself that it's not nearly as surprising as it should be.

3 years ago

The Venetian skyscraper that may make the Italian city even worse

It's hard to imagine how Venice could be ruined more than it has been by rampant tourism, poor regulations, and a total lack of a local identity that's not in the service of selling luxury goods or kitschy mementos of a once great destination.

3 years ago