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Vacation Deprivation? Startup Lets Employees Trade Unused Days for Flights and Hotel Stays

Out of the factory floor or office and onto the beach! We don't know if PTO Exchange will make a dent in the stockpile of unused vacation days but we like creative ways of dealing with it.

2 weeks ago

Expedia Is Now Helping Marriott Sell Hotels on the Chain’s Website

When it comes to relationships, hotel chains and online travel agencies have a lot of baggage but Marriott and Expedia, at least, are being open-minded and are taking advantage of each other. Expedia is becoming a technology provider for hotels in a move that has parallels with the way rival Booking.com's BookingSuite division is providing market intelligence and website services for properties. Where this all ends up is anyone's guess.

2 months ago

U.S. is Among the Worst in Paid Vacation, Malta the Best

One reason U.S. residents lag in taking vacations is that they are among the least-compensated in terms of statutory days off in the world. Malta, on the other hand, is a vacation-compensation paradise.

3 months ago

4 Charts Revealing Americans’ Perceptions of Traveling Abroad

While the number of Americans traveling abroad hasn't necessarily increased as quickly as the percentage of those visiting more than one country per trip, Americans are becoming more worldly and that means spending more on more expensive trips.

12 months ago

How Americans’ Vacation Time Fell Victim to the Internet, Mobile and Corporate Culture

A lot has to change before Americans start vacationing as much they did pre-2000, including a shift in corporate culture that encourages and supports employees taking better care of themselves and their loved ones.

1 year ago

Americans, Go Meet the World: Student Travel Before College Is the Best Prerequisite

Traveling abroad is the ultimate form of higher learning. Students would be well-advised to hit the road before hitting the books at college.

1 year ago

Airstream RVs Make a Comeback for Cost-Conscious Vacations, Airbnbs and Food Trucks

Airstream RVs have made a comeback as motels, Airbnbs, ice cream stores, food trucks, offices, and a great way to see the country.

1 year ago

U.S. Travelers Say They’ll Spend More on Vacations This Year

Time is the biggest factor working against Americans and their vacations. They want high quality experiences for the time they actually do take, hence why they're not afraid to splurge on their leisure trips.

1 year ago

Move Over Mama: Millennial Parents Letting Kids Be Vacation Deciders

If former president George Bush thought of himself as "the decider," children, and particularly the offspring of U.S. millennial parents, are increasingly exerting their power in deciding where the family will go for vacation. Travel marketers -- take note.

1 year ago

The Varied Vacation Habits of Millennial Haves and Have Nots

If you've seen one millennial you haven't seen them all. When it comes to vacation trends, their habits are as varied as their currencies and countries of origin.

2 years ago

European Business Travelers Booked Flights Last-Minute More Than Americans During the Holidays

Europeans' propensity to book last-minute flights more frequently that U.S. road warriors has more to do with the flight-marketing tactics of Ryanair and EasyJet than it has to do with mobile adoption.

2 years ago

Costa Rica Tourism Enlists Singing Animals to Lure Overworked Americans

This video got all of us laughing, two thumbs up to Costa Rica for raising awareness in a funny way.

2 years ago