Articles tagged “ux”

Grading Airports and Airlines on Passenger Personalization Progress

The projected rate of improvement for many of these categories makes us question just how achievable these goals are, but we welcome airlines and airports trying.

2 years ago

The 10 Best Airlines for International Business Class

As first class shrinks, airlines' battle for more profitable customers has shifted to business class.

3 years ago

Lufthansa Takes the Wrappers Off Its New Premium Economy Cabin

Lufthansa's large-scale rollout of Premium Economy at a price point that's not prohibitively expensive bodes well for flyers who can afford more than coach but not quite business class.

3 years ago

Hipmunk Tries to Improve Hotel Bookings with Trip Types

Hipmunk needs to make a big push to become a household name. Easier said than done. The redesign of its hotel pages is an attempt to speed and simplify the user experience, but somehow it seems more complicated than before.

3 years ago

Airports look to holograms, not humans, to help visitors

Staff at airports have a reputation for being unhelpful, but holograms that don't interact with you only make matters worse. How about airports invest in people and management who understand customer service rather than gimmicky technology?

3 years ago