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U.S. Travel Picked up This Summer, But Don’t Expect the Trend to Last

It's good news that travelers took their summer trips, all things considered. But the fairly bleak outlook shows that the travel industry still has some lean times ahead.

3 weeks ago

More Flights and Cheaper Tickets on the Way for U.S.-Mexico Routes

Getting flights to lesser-known destinations in Mexico has always been a struggle. The new rules have the potential to quickly create new tourism favorites.

2 months ago

The U.S. Welcomed a Record Number of Overseas Tourists in 2015

International travel had another banner year in 2015, but given currency challenges and uncertainties such as the Brexit vote, the odds are against a repeat performance in terms of international visitor arrivals in 2016.

3 months ago

The Bahamas Tells Its Citizens to Be Careful in the U.S. Following Shootings

This isn't a petty retaliation for warnings that the U.S. issued regarding the Bahamas. It's sound advice considering the state of the U.S.

4 months ago

Cheap Gas Means the Return of the Great American Road Trip

We said in January this would be a great time for road trips. And it will be a great time for mid-priced hotels, too.

5 months ago

China Will Be the Largest Overseas Visitor Market for the U.S. by 2020

Chinese travelers will continue to be more common in many U.S. markets during the next five years, but their numbers will not grow as fast as they have over the last decade.

5 months ago

3 Charts Showing U.S. Travelers’ Plans For Summer Vacations

It looks like another healthy summer travel season for the U.S. is on its way.

6 months ago

Eye Scans and Face Scans Greet Tourists Leaving the U.S.

Although we understand where this is coming from, considering the entrance presented to many non-U.S. entrants to the U.S. this seems more like a final insult than a security measure.

8 months ago

Commercial Flights Between U.S. and Cuba Can Officially Resume

Start building those hotels.

8 months ago

There Aren’t Enough Air Traffic Controlers at the U.S.’s Busiest Airports

Air traffic control in the U.S. Is decades behind where it should be and the nation's political leaders are to blame.

9 months ago

Cuba Is Already Overwhelmed With Tourists From the U.S.

The opportunities for hospitality and transportation companies in Cuba are enormous. Which ones will best take advantage of the situation?

9 months ago

The Top 10 Countries Whose Citizens Love the U.S. So Much They Won’t Leave

Visa overstays are a hot topic for xenophobic politicians, but the data indicates that very few international travelers choose to remain in the U.S. illegally. It also so happens that the worst offenders are America's neighbors.

9 months ago