U.S. Airline Profits Surge to Record Levels As Fees Increase

Now that airlines are reporting major profit, it's time for them to reward flyers with a better onboard experience and more route options.

Smooth Sailing For American Airlines – US Airways System Cutover This Weekend

The American and US Airways system cutover went curiously well this weekend - but will it hold?

This Weekend Will Test American Air’s Technical Merger With US Airways

You know American's leadership has been saying "Let's not pull a Smisek" to the IT team for the last year. Let's hope it sunk in.

Last US Airways Flight Ever Leaves Philadelphia Today

The long and drawn out death of the US Airways brand after its acquisition of American Airlines only served to highlight the decline of its product in the years leading up to the merger.

Expedia and American Airlines Break Through Four Years of Dysfunction

We haven't seen the contract but can assure you this: Expedia gave some ground to American Airlines Group. Otherwise Expedia Inc. sites would not be getting access to American's and US Airways' ancillary services or be able to ink the deal to provide hotel inventory to AA.com.

US Airways to Skip Birth-City Pittsburgh For Final Flight

The hubbub is about US Airways dissing Pittsburgh, its birthplace, by not stopping there on its ceremonial final flight on Oct. 16. American Airlines says it will skip Pittsburgh because it isn't an American Airlines Group hub.

American Hires Nearly 2,000 Reservation Workers to Avoid Merger Complication Nightmare

American officials have done a lot of studying and have a lot of experience in reservations' system migrations, often the toughest part in merging two airlines together. Let's hope they are capable students.

Last US Airways Flight Expected to Land This October

Will any consumers be sad to see this tired brand go bye-bye?

American Airlines Halfway Through Replacing Iconic Design With New Branding

We don't care about the US Air planes, but we're going to miss the old AA look.