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Travelocity founder warns hoteliers to take risks or die

Many hoteliers that offer online bookings haven’t taken the second step towards consumer engagement. Jones knows the changing landscape better than most, and says its better to try and fail than do nothing at all.


Airfare is more expensive than last Thanksgiving, but cheaper than the Fourth of July

Most flyers don’t realize whether airfares are increasing each year and are more concerned with booking the cheapest ticket; something that all sites agree will only increase as the holidays come closer.


Travelocity launches new iPhone app for last minute hotel bookings

Travelocity wants to tap into the growing trend of last-minute bookings by discounting rooms reserved less than two days ahead, but its most convenient feature is a credit card scan for auto-fill payments.

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SkiftAds: Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome is back out on the road

Travelocity is sold on the durability of the Roaming Gnome, who outlived the Priceline Negotiator. We remain skeptical about whether the Gnome strikes the right chord with today's consumers.

SkiftAds: Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome is back out on the road

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Travelocity fined by DoT for violating full fares display rule

First Spirit & Southwest lost the advertising full fare ruling earlier last week, and now this. DoT is serious about this, the sooner airlines/OTAs get this, the better.

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Florida judge sides with OTAs in battle over hotel room taxes

The dispute over which prices OTAs are expected to pay local taxes on is playing out in several municipalities, making it clear that state laws need to be updated -- and that local governments are starved for extra revenue.