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The Never-Before-Disclosed Details About the Birth of Online Travel

We're not giving away all the good stuff. You still need to read the entire thing.

5 months ago

Launching Skift’s Biggest Project Yet: The Definitive Oral History of Online Travel

Two decades after the birth of online travel, more than two dozen founders and key players exclusively tell Skift how it all happened. This is a story of a history that changed the future of travel forever. Dig in, this will take a while.

5 months ago

Expedia Gained U.S. Market Share After Acquisitions But Lost It Everywhere Else

Expedia's acquisitions in 2015 made it more of a U.S.-focused company, a weakness it intends to rectify in coming years. Meanwhile, the market share impact of its buying spree won't really be felt until 2016 and beyond.

8 months ago

Which Was Expedia’s Most Important Acquisition of 2015?

If the integration goes as Expedia and HomeAway envision then this merger can turn out to be transformational for both companies. If that becomes the reality, then the Expedia acquisition of Orbitz may end up being viewed in coming years as a mere footnote in Expedia's timeline when compared with the HomeAway buy.

10 months ago

Why Expedia Thinks It Got Great at Acquisitions

Everyone knows that being nimble enough to test and introduce new technology is a tremendous advantage. Behind the scenes, though, Expedia got good at another skill -- moving really fast to identify and make acquisitions.

11 months ago

Hawaii’s Attorney General Wants $53 Million From Expedia and its Peers

This is the never-ending story in online travel. Just pay the taxes, pass the cost on to consumers, and stop spending millions on lawyers.

1 year ago

Expedia and American Airlines Break Through Four Years of Dysfunction

We haven't seen the contract but can assure you this: Expedia gave some ground to American Airlines Group. Otherwise Expedia Inc. sites would not be getting access to American's and US Airways' ancillary services or be able to ink the deal to provide hotel inventory to AA.com.

1 year ago

Travelocity Roaming Gnome’s Future Will Hinge on Ad Agency Review

Travelocity has left the gnome behind before, and it's come back to it in times of need. Maybe the gnome should just take a long vacation and wait for their call when they get desperate.

1 year ago

Best Travel Ads this Week: Booking Sites Get Cheeky

Videos are just like digital ads, they need to be tailored to specific audiences by interest and purchase behavior.

1 year ago

Travelocity Turns to Infomercials to Sell Package Vacations

Infomercials are the original form of direct response ads on TV, and Travelocity is bringing the online-conversion focus to TV with this new effort, clearly well suited for selling travel & tour packages. We’re interested to see the results.

2 years ago

Travelocity Network Was Orbitz Worldwide’s Secret Weapon in 2014

Expedia Inc. has been tacking on assets to bump up its growth and the Travelocity Partner Network, owned by Orbitz Worldwide, meshes with Expedia's growth strategy.

2 years ago

What Expedia and Priceline Growth Means to an Independent Hotel

Independent hotels and chains will all feel the impact of the consolidation of Orbitz Worldwide into Expedia Inc. Independents didn't have much clout before the acquisition, and the chains will feel the pressure, too.

2 years ago