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Online Travel

Google Translate adds Cambodia’s Khmer as its 66th language

Although Google lagged behind Apple in adding language support for the Cambodian language, its expanding portfolio provides better tools for communication between travelers, global businesses, and foreigners.

Business Travel

Chinese translator app Waygo helps travelers avoid dining disasters abroad

There are far more businesses trying to get into China than foreign employees willing to learn the basics of Chinese, making any app that helps bridge that gap immediately useful.

Chinese translator app Waygo helps travelers avoid dining disasters abroad


Orlando dispatches airport translators to cater to growing number of international visitors

Orland is going the extra step by dispatching translators skilled with languages that fit the needs of most incoming passengers rather than setting up translation phones that are used at other destinations.

Online Travel

4 translation apps are the talk of the town

Translation apps have their glitches, but they can open doors when needed.


Duolingo announces $15 million funding round led by Union Square Ventures and NEA

Investors say that they love Duolingo because of its business model, but the dependency upon crowdsourcing atop an otherwise innovative system still puts a large chunk of the product in the hands of a participating audience.

Online Travel

Finnish startup Transfluent raises $1 million for social media translations

Transfluent is one of several similar translation services, but its human freelancers are a key selling point to a business that would rather rely on a native speaker than an automated translation.

Media and PR

Video: UK developer creates glasses for real-time translations

The glasses still need refining, but could be a more practical tool for formal business meetings abroad rather than for the spontaneous needs of tourists as all participants need a microphone for the system to work. Don't expect to see these in droves at the hotel lobby bar anytime soon.

Online Travel

Verbalizeit will connect travelers to translators with the click of a button

Verbalizeit’s crowd-sourced translators are paid for their time, ensuring that travelers and business relying on the service for affordable and accessible translations will have help whenever it’s needed.

Online Travel

Updated Google Translate app now reads text taken from photos

The update helps travelers translate the physical world around them, as well as improves upon the app's voice translations, dialects, and Japanese symbol recognition.