The Link Between Language and Booking for International Travelers

As more people around the globe embark on international trips, consumers are coming to expect digital experiences in their native language regardless of where they land. Download this free trends report to learn actionable strategies to localize content for the next generation of global travelers!

New Skift Report: How Travel Brands Are Facing Global Translation Challenges

As global travelers and travel content continues to migrate into the digital realm, consumers are increasingly researching, planning, and booking trips on the web and via mobile devices. At the same time, travel brands are investing heavily in content marketing to reach consumers. These two forces collide when travel brands enter new, foreign markets and struggle to offer content marketing in local languages.

How Translation Technology is Shaping the Future of the Global Traveler Experience

With more people traveling abroad than ever before, travel brands are increasingly expected to provide international customers with a seamless digital experience. The ones taking the tech-first approach are winning the battle for loyalty and direct bookings.

New Real-Time Translation Product for Skype Unveiled by Microsoft CEO

The world is moving closer to a vision of no language barriers -- enabled by technology -- and it will do wonders for increasing seamless travel around the globe.

Google’s Word Lens Acquisition Is Good for Glass and Google Translate

Translate is already a strong product, but Google will be able to improve it and build the market-leading mobile translation service with Word Lens in its fold.

Google Acquires Real-Time Translation App World Lens

Translation technology has improved significantly in the past few years and recent developments suggest that the functionality will soon be closely integrated into travelers' most used devices.

Five Travel Startups for Pre-Trip Research and Planning

Google Translate adds Cambodia’s Khmer as its 66th language

Although Google lagged behind Apple in adding language support for the Cambodian language, its expanding portfolio provides better tools for communication between travelers, global businesses, and foreigners.

Chinese translator app Waygo helps travelers avoid dining disasters abroad

There are far more businesses trying to get into China than foreign employees willing to learn the basics of Chinese, making any app that helps bridge that gap immediately useful.

Orlando dispatches airport translators to cater to growing number of international visitors

Orland is going the extra step by dispatching translators skilled with languages that fit the needs of most incoming passengers rather than setting up translation phones that are used at other destinations.