Canada’s Weak Economy Is Bad News for Maine Tourism

A weaker Canadian dollar may be bad news for tourism in Maine but it's good news for American travelers wanting to head north to Canada.

Global Travel Spending Outpacing World Economic Growth, WTTC Says

There is a global slowdown in travel spending but it is still growing faster than projected world economic growth. Terrorism impacts travel spending but macro-economic events have a sometimes-less publicized but far greater impact.

Bosnia Sees Influx of Tourists and Second-Home Buyers from Gulf States

Any time a destination sees a swift demographic change among inbound tourism it needs to make sure it has a plan in place to protect locals as well as help them take part in the new opportunities.

Southern Georgia Reminds Tourists: We Have Lots of Alligators

When tourism growth meets hungry alligators, it's a good idea to put up a few warning signs.

More Flights and Cheaper Tickets on the Way for U.S.-Mexico Routes

Getting flights to lesser-known destinations in Mexico has always been a struggle. The new rules have the potential to quickly create new tourism favorites.

Zika Not a Long-Term Threat Argue Miami Tourism Leaders

The challenge for Miami officials is that potential visitors don't discern between high infection-risk neighborhoods and "safe" ones. They just see a potential health crisis in Miami.

Cubans and Tourists Alike Complaining About Beach Litter

Just as Iceland is coming to grips with overtourism, as we call it, Cuba had better get ready because an upsurge in tourism is at its very early stages there. It's almost inexplicable that the government has eased up on anti-litter enforcement at the country's otherwise beautiful beaches.

Iceland Tourism and the Mixed Blessings of Airbnb

The island nation of Iceland, which is roughly the size of Portugal and located about 1,100 miles northwest of London, is a flashpoint for the encroaching forces of tourism, globalization, and of course, Airbnb, too.

Planned 400-mile U.S.-Canada Hiking Trail Inspired by Wandering Moose

If it's good for the moose then it's good for the hiking planners. A 400-mile trail from Ontario's Algonquin Park to New York's Adirondack Mountains would not only help meandering moose but would undoubtedly boost tourism for communities along the way.

Craft Beer Tourism Puts Delaware on the Map

There aren't many natural attributes that would catapult Delaware into a mecca for beer tourism -- except that its Beer, Wine and Spirits trail now boasts more than two dozens breweries and distilleries. Millennials want to experience local flavors and Delta tourism officials are only too happy to accommodate.