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Sitka, Alaska Is Banking on More Cruise Ships in 2017

It's great to see economic impact measured in bagels and bacon rather than T-shirts and bad jewelry.

4 days ago

Portugal Sees Tourism From the U.K. Staying Strong Despite Brexit Vote

It's a good sign for Portugal that British tourists are still coming despite the weaker pound; more investment and promotion to increase the destination's appeal should help that trend continue.

4 days ago

Can a Tourism Campaign Be Too Successful? — Digital Marketing News This Week

Norway is struggling with the challenge of too much tourism. It's not alone.

6 days ago

Next Year Is Going To Be Even Harder Than 2016 For London Hotels

With more hotel rooms coming online, the threat from Airbnb and Brexit concerns, it's probably safe to say that 2017 is going to be very tough for London hotels.

7 days ago

Bangkok Overtakes London as Most Visited International Destination in 2016

The Asia-Pacific region is continues to grow as a powerhouse of international travel destinations. But the global cities enjoying the most spending from international travelers remain the usual suspects.

1 week ago

Tourist Magnet Iceland May Be Getting Too Hot for Investors

As Skift reported in a recent deep dive on Iceland, the country is struggling to adjust to the changes that came with a huge tourist boom.

1 week ago

Puerto Rico and the Fight for Caribbean Tourism: 5 Podcast Takeaways

These spokespeople from Puerto Rico tourism agencies want to make one thing clear: neither Zika nor Puerto Rico's financial crisis are seriously problematic for tourism to the island.

1 week ago

The New Native American Tourism Push

Casinos are no longer the main face of tourism for Native American territories. More than ever, Native American travel professionals are marketing meetings, events and cuisine that could burst onto the hip food scene at any moment.

1 week ago

Mount Rushmore at 75: An Unlikely Landmark Still Driving Tourism

Where many large-scale historic sculptures are pompous political statements, something about Mt. Rushmore sets it apart in a class of its own.

2 weeks ago

Turkey Had a Terrible Year for Tourism and Signs of Recovery Are Elusive

This year has set Turkey back farther than the numbers show. It's reputation has taken a huge hit and the country's leaders are making one move after another to worsen the situation.

2 weeks ago

Federal Law Keeps Colorado From Promoting Marijuana Tourism

Once the federal threat disappears, we're banking that "It's High Time You Got to Colorado" will be the next great state tourism slogan.

2 weeks ago

Japan Hopes New Animation Character Trail Will Help Boost Tourism

Japan is going after exactly what it's known for -- anime -- to help its otherwise sluggish economy get a lift from its growing appeal as a tourist destination.

2 weeks ago