Travel on Tap: The Rise of Craft Beer Tourism

Craft Beer is big business in America with a proven ability engage a new travel consumer who will spend added dollars to visit local neighborhoods and beer-themed events.

Fearing Terrorism, Europeans Look for Safer Vacation Destinations

Fears about terrorism are understandable, but savvy travelers might want to avoid the crowds in Spain, Portugal and Italy and head to France and Turkey. That's where the deals are.

Cuba Is Importing Workers to Help It Build Hotels Faster

As demands of tourism development increase, expect to see broader changes to the labor market in Cuba.

Turkey’s Tourism Drop Is Dragging the Economy Down With It

What's happening in Turkey is a shame for so many reasons, not lease of which are the creativity of the country's tourism leaders as well as Turkey's incredible resources.

European Travelers’ Searches for U.S. Hotels Have Plunged This Summer

The outlook appears bleak for European travelers who were perhaps considering a U.S. trip this summer or later this year that hadn't already booked before the Brexit vote as search interest for U.S. hotel stays continues to fall well below last year.

A Record-Setting 77.7 Million Travelers Visited Colorado Last Year

Colorado's record-breaking visitor numbers are proof of the power of marketing.

Barbados Tourism Could Be Threatened by the Brexit Impact on Spending

The implications of Brexit are still being pondered around the globe; right now we have a lot of gloomy forecasts, but it will take time to see how those predictions play out.

Cleveland Tourism Cautiously Optimistic Midway Through Republican Convention

Destination Cleveland raised the bar on integrated web and social media content to promote the city to visiting delegates and convention planners around the globe.

International Tourism Is Growing in 2016, Despite High-Profile Challenges

International travel has definitely been impacted by terrorism and economic woes so far in 2016 but global tourism still grew in most regions around the world, some places significantly.

Skift Survey: What Global Travelers Really Think About Visiting America-In-Turmoil

Travel to the U.S. is more resilient than some other countries, but there are already warning signs that the current climate should be cause for concern.