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UPDATED: Time Inc. Is Shutting Down Executive Travel Magazine

Despite the quality of its content, Executive Travel's infrequent publication and poor digital presence meant it played a small role in the fast-moving world of frequent travelers.

3 years ago

Updated: 21 Travel Media Brands That Lead on Social Media

Talking to users should be easy for travel media brands, but a few have managed to dominate the conversation (like LP and Travel Channel) while others surprise despite their size (like Fathom).

3 years ago

Time Inc Didn’t Pay Much For Travel+Leisure, In Fact Made $20 Million Gain

Not much of a shocker, such is the state of the legacy magazine business these days.

3 years ago

Time Inc.’s Purchase of American Express Publishing Is Complete

The transaction is official, which means the real work now lies ahead.

3 years ago

American Express Confirms Sale of Magazine Division to Time Inc.

At AmEX, the magazines' sales teams have long been hamstrung by a lengthy approval process so as not to run afoul of banking regulations. Expect a quick bump in ad page sales as soon as the new owners start running things.

3 years ago