Thanksgiving Travel Weekend Will Be Busiest Since 2007

If airfares were lower, and more flights were available, maybe more Americans would travel during Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Travel Rush Could Soon Happen Every Week at 30 U.S. Airports

Congress is partly to blame for not approving more funding to build additional airports, but airports and airlines themselves also shoulder some responsibility, trying to pack as many flights into a day as possible. It's unclear when this congestion will be resolved, if ever.

Comparing Bus, Plane, Train and Driving Costs for Thanksgiving

Everyone clamors for choice, and there you have it in the myriad transportation options available in getting from Point A to Point B for Thanksgiving. There are tradeoffs for each transportation mode discussed. Missing are the proposed Hyperloop and the California to Las Vegas X Train, as well as Uber and RelayRides.

Airports Will Be the Busiest They’ve Been Since 2007 This Thanksgiving

Knowing which fees to pay could cut wait times after cancelled flights or put a family together on a plane. But no amount of money will make the insufferable crowds disappear from public U.S. airports.

American travelers encounter few delays returning home during the holiday weekend

An uneventful Sunday around the country was welcome by travelers, many of whom left on Wednesday amidst weather delays, labor strikes, and train cancellations.

How international business travelers spend Thanksgiving on the road

The rise of singles worldwide as an economic force manifests itself in many ways, like high end hotels catering to wealthy solo business travelers.

Massive Amtrak and train delays sweep through New York City’s Penn Station

Fog, union marches, and electrical problems caused delays in three major hubs yesterday adding to the stress of usual holiday crowds.

Fog delays over 400 flights in Chicago on one of the busiest travel days of the year

These early morning delays will wreck havoc on tight flight schedules at hubs across the country and leave millions of Americans waiting or rushing for connections.

Infographic: Where and how Americans are traveling to taste the turkey this year

Americans can brace themselves for crowded highways and busy airports this week, but the good news is that travel is consistently more congested during Thanksgiving than the December holidays.

Top iPhone and iPad travel apps for the busiest travel week in U.S.

The delta between what people are actually using versus what kinds of travel startups are being started and funded is huge.