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Self-Driving Cars May Need Total Automation to Cope With Passenger Inattention

Humans have a way of mucking up the works sometimes, especially when you're talking about the initial adoption of new technology like self-driving cars. The test and learn approach will one day solve this problem too.

3 months ago

A Qantas Plane Races a Tesla in Cross-Promotion to Push Sustainability

Qantas is making some very smart and bold branding moves. The timing of this collaboration with Tesla around the launch of the Model S is only the latest.

7 months ago

Airbnb and Tesla Solving Problems of Affluent Travelers in California

Airbnb has been adept at partnering with brands that coincide with its vibe and Tesla certainly fits right in.

1 year ago

How Tesla Is Helping to Remake the Iconic U.S. Road Trip

Sounds like fun, if you can afford it.

2 years ago

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport Is Psyched About Its New Tesla Taxis

As the appropriately green-tied and iconically white-moustached Dutch gentleman says on the video: “It’s absolute progress.” For Tesla, at least.

2 years ago

Elon Musk to Share Hyperloop Design with Zero Plans of Executing

The Hyperloop debut is more for design snobs and Musk fanboys than practical transportation planners. The release might get the conversation going, but actual execution remains decades away.

3 years ago

Tesla’s new electric car charging expansion to allow coast to coast travel

3 years ago

Israel’s own version of Tesla calls it quits, will liquidate electric-car company

Despite the headline, this electric car company was more about building the infrastructure that would support the vehicles rather than creating ambitious new technology that would lead the way. In this case, the ambitious beat out the prudent.

3 years ago

Electric car maker Tesla pays off U.S. government loan a decade early

If you're trying to argue that you are transforming transportation in one of the more radical ways since the invention of the car, it doesn't hurt to be able to make a splash now and then. Especially one that gets your critics wet.

3 years ago

Tesla scores first quarterly profit, despite New York Times’ mean review

Kudos to Musk and co. for hitting the first mark that really matters for a car company -- especially one that wants to reinvent transportation.

4 years ago

Norway takes a gamble on electric cars: Are the odds any good?

Before the electric car re-invents transportation, manufacturers are going to need to prove they are realistic alternatives to common transport challenges, and so far they just aren't there yet.

4 years ago

Tesla’s losses widen despite increase in car sales

Despite Tesla's fanboy outcry on sites like Reddit, the New York Times review will hurt sales of the car going forward as buyers realize they're paying tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege of being Elon Musk's beta testers.

4 years ago