How Virtual Meetings Are Enabling Smarter Business Travel

It’s often been asked “can video conferencing replace the need for in-person meetings?" In short, the answer is “no.” Simply nothing can replace certain in-person meetings, but the meetings space has clearly evolved past being reliant solely on face-to-face meetings—and corporate travel managers and IT departments can (and in many cases must) work together to make “meetings,” as a whole, productive.

Expedia Chair Barry Diller: Artificial Intelligence Will Be Travel’s Next Big Thing

Barry Diller's intelligence is not artificial at all and it's sometimes underrated. Diller has been one of the superstars in crafting the trajectory of online travel through his acquisitions and perseverance when things didn't always go smoothly.

The Tiny Hilton Robot Concierge That Hints at IBM’s Ambitious Plans for Travel

Robots in hotels aren't a new phenomenon, but this is the first one to be powered by IBM's Watson.

Hamburg Tries to Own the Future of Aviation With New Research Center

The Hanseatic City of Hamburg has become an example of the advancements possible when local government gets behind its aviation community by providing financial, promotional, and logistical support.

Video: Amadeus’ Chief Marketing Officer Scott Alvis on “The Technology Defining the Future of Travel”

Scott Alvis of Amadeus sat down with Skift CEO and Founder Rafat Ali to talk about the future of technology in the travel industry.

Bluesmart’s Diego Saez-Gil on Building a Travel Company Using Crowd Funding at Skift Forum

Saez-Gil knows the ways in which companies, which once could get away with bad customer service and bad design, are realizing that the Internet has made open innovation possible.

Technology Giving Growing Asian Airports an Edge Over Older Rivals

Technology promises to improve the passenger experience around the world, with projects ongoing in every region, but dramatic growth in Asia makes it the perfect testing ground for cutting-edge programs.

Robots Do All the Work at New Japanese Hotel, Or That’s the Plan

Where does the dinosaur robot receptionist like to hang out in her down time in case the human guest wants a local recommendation? A museum perhaps?

3 Ways the Internet of Things Will Make Flying Less of a Hassle

The irony that circuits and code will make travel more personal is not lost on us, but we look forward to letting the Internet of Stuff do its thing.

High-Tech Solutions for Decreasing Airport Security Breaches

It’s not a matter of whether the technology exists but whether airports are willing or even able to invest in the expensive technology.