Portugal Decides It Can’t Let TAP Go and Buys Half of it for $2.1 Billion

Considering that there was little interest from other suitors, it's a smart move by the country to make sure it's not in careless hands.

Ryanair Turning to Norwegian Air and TAP for Long-Haul Partnerships

Smart move by Ryanair to partner with others to test the feasibility of the routes. If they work, expect to see Ryanair go it along eventually.

Fresh With New Money TAP Air Portugal Looks to Expansion in U.S. and Brazil

Expect to see some Iberian Air-style pains as the new ownership seeks to undo complications from years of government control.

Azul and JetBlue Founder Neeleman Gets Majority Stake in TAP Airlines

It will be interesting to see how Neeleman and company position TAP. Will the center of Lusophone aviation shift to Brazil?

Azul Founder Neeleman Submits Bid to Acquire TAP Portugal

Considering TAP's 77 weekly flights from Portugal to Brazil, Neeleman believes TAP and Azul can create a real network together.

It’s a Bad 10 Days to Be an Airline Passenger in Portugal

Europe's legacy carriers are struggling with bloated executive ranks, over-compensated staff, last-gen airplanes, and competition from low-cost carriers. It will rarely end well for them.

Portugal Really Wants to Sell TAP and Buyers Are Welcome

If TAP could leverage its cultural heritage to become the network of the increasingly important, and always unique Lusophone world, it would be able to make a bigger play than it does now.

Best Travel Ads This Week: Real-Life Experiences That Pop Online

Travel brands are particularly well-positioned for real-life ambient marketing that portray experiences better than a staid graphic ad.

TAP Wants Airlines To Think It Is Next Alliance Chess Piece

TAP's route network indeed would be valuable to a potential suitor but you do have to wonder when the CFO drums up a potential sale by saying other airlines are sniffing around all the time. Doth he protest too much?

Azul founder refutes rumors of JetBlue, TAP mega-merger

A merger between the three airlines based in three different continents would create an economic powerhouse and establish Brazil as the South American leader in aviation, but such a takeover remains unlikely.