Travel ads of the week: Boating, biking and business meetings around the world

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Aerial destination shots are the meat and potatoes of travel video ads and as we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks are used in mash-ups for everything from airlines to booking websites to actual DMOs.

— Samantha Shankman

This week’s roundup of travel ads is a stream of destination imagery.

A montage of aerial city views and laughing visitors makes it way into most of the ads,  suggesting that viewers would want to be drawn into an experience regardless of what the ad is actually selling.

Only one hotel breaks the trend by forcing viewers to pay attention to the wording of its message by laying text on top of a plain background. It’s effect is even more impactful when compared to the picture-heavy ads that surround it.

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This short spot by Icelandair targets Icelanders in an effort to show them how quickly or easily they can travel to New York. It’s the same theme as Icelandair’s U.S. ads, which share the same message in reverse. It’s a pretty neat comparison seeing the emptiness of Iceland next to the bustle of New York City.

Hyatt takes a chance in this video ad by leaving out any imagery of its properties. The clean plain background emphasizes the hotel group’s message by forcing readers to focus on the text. Hyatt recent launched a service providing guests with frequently forgotten items and communication cards to improve its guest listening program.

Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board‘s signature flash travels through the city showing off its cultural activities, nightlife, and beaches. The music bounces between fast and slow effectively portraying a city of several paces. The complete ad (top) is too long to keep the average viewer’s attention, but it is also broken down into three 30-second spots focused on entertainment, culture, and visitors’ perceptions of LA.

Tourism Australia launched a campaign to 2011 to increase its business events sector, which has continued to grow over the past two years. In its most recent video ad, the tourism board shows, rather than tells, viewers why they should choose Australia for their next business event. With a montage of outdoor activities, the answer clearly has nothing to do with the country’s meeting facilities.

The Portuguese airline TAP promotes its international services in this video ad by delivering attractive snapshots of its international destinations like Brazil, Miami, and Africa. It starts with overseas routes and brings it closer to home highlighting Barcelona and Paris as well as domestic hubs in Porto and Lisbon.

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