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Big Game Hunting Tourists Trumpet Their Contributions to African Economies

We found it very hard to get too upset about Cecil, but we think that hunting tourism is a simplistic, narrow-minded practice that appeals to the worst instincts in people and reduces African destinations to outdated cliches.

4 months ago

Starwood Plans to Open 16 Hotels in Africa Over Next Five Years

16 hotels in five years is playing it rather safe.

1 year ago

Elephant Poaching Could Kill Tanzania Tourism

There's been so much publicity about the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe. Illegal poaching, though, is a widespread problem, as pointed to by Tanzania tourism officials concerned about the illegal kills of their elephant population.

1 year ago

Tanzania Hopes Drones Can Keep Poachers Out of Tourist Game Parks

Tanzania needs to demonstrate how much more money people can make from tourism than slaughtering animals.

2 years ago