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Marriott And Starwood Loyalty Members Caught off Guard by Integration After Merger

Marriott and Starwood jolted their loyalty program members awake on Friday by allowing them to link award accounts.

2 days ago

Marriott Has Its Sights on Expedia and Priceline Now That Starwood Buy Is Complete

The combination of loyalty and direct booking to battle the OTAs is the greatest power hotels have right now. But in the long-haul, should this be the most important battle for hotels to be fighting?

3 days ago

Marriott’s First Move Is Combining Its Loyalty Program With Starwood’s

Getting the loyalty programs to match right out of the gate is an excellent signal to the SPG members most worried about the merger.

5 days ago

Marriott CEO Interview: Buying Starwood and Its $13 Billion Bet on Loyalty

That didn't take too long now, did it? In all seriousness, however, this mega-merger was certainly a long one in the making, filled with plenty of twists and turns. Now, we hope, comes the even more interesting part in the next chapter of the story.

5 days ago

Starwood’s Hospitality Legacy After the Marriott Merger

Starwood Hotels & Resorts as we know it may be going away now that it'll be owned by Marriott International, but its history of innovation has had a lasting impact on the hospitality industry as a whole.

7 days ago

Every One of Marriott’s 30 Hotel Brands, Explained

Read on for our takes on all 30 of Marriott's brands.

7 days ago

Merging Marriott and Starwood Corporate Cultures, According to Marriott’s HR Chief

The one thing about mergers and acquisitions that isn't usually discussed? Bringing different company cultures together. That'll be key to the success of Marriott's acquisition of Starwood, and Marriott's Global Chief Human Resources Officer David Rodriguez knows it.

1 week ago

Marriott-Starwood Merger Receives Final Approval

If there were any doubts about the Marriott-Starwood deal getting done, you can now toss them out because of the approval from Chinese regulators. Now, let's get on with it.

1 week ago

Cuba’s Hotel Challenges: A Guide to All the Projects in Process

Although Cuba won't say it, the country is ill-prepared for the influx of new visitors and the necessary development.

3 weeks ago

Voice-Activated Hotel Rooms Are Now a Thing at Aloft

While this seems like a novel idea, we have to ask: Is this what hotel guests really want, or need, when it comes to in-room technology?

4 weeks ago

How Smart Hotels Use Messaging to Connect With Guests

Hotels are finally beginning to implement messaging strategies that make it easier for their guests to get in touch with them via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and the like. But how are they doing that, and what's next in messaging?

1 month ago

Marriott and Starwood Say Their Deal Is Taking Longer Than They Hoped

Recent reports alleging that Marriott has "buyer's remorse" about the deal, while scintillating, don't seem very logical when you think of all the effort both Marriott and Starwood have put into making this deal a reality.

1 month ago