What Marriott Knows About the Needs of Next-Gen Business Travelers

Soon, Marriott's leadership will begin the task of deciding which Starwood brands will exist going forward. Until then, the hotel giant is working to create a better technology platform for its properties to serve guests with.

The Disappointing Life of Hotel Industry Booking Site Room Key

You would think hoteliers would have learned a few things from their foray with Travelweb in the early 2000s but, as Room Key shows, they obviously did not.

The Current State of Keyless Entry at Big Hotel Brands

Last year marked a pivotal moment in terms of keyless room technology, as Starwood, Hilton, Marriott, and other brands announced investments in the mobile tech. And while there is consumer uptake, this still feels like a transitional technology that has us asking: What's next?

Starwood Begins Managing Its First Hotel in Havana, Cuba

While we think Starwood is a leader in guest experience in so many ways, you don't have to raise the bar too high to improve on a hotel run by the military.

Marriott-Starwood Deal Gets Antitrust Clearance From the European Union

Starwood shareholders probably want Marriott's stock price to rebound following the Brexit vote if they want to get a better deal from the merger.

Following Brexit Vote, Hotel Stocks Plummet

It's still very early to tell exactly how the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union will impact the overall tourism industry but when it comes to hotels, the biggest concerns relate to its impact on immigration and the migrant workers who make up a large portion of the country's hospitality workforce.

Following Marriott’s Lead, Starwood’s Aloft Pilots an In-Room Streaming Service

Consider this the eventual next evolution of making your hotel room a real home away from home.

For Hotel CEOs, Understanding the Magic Behind Branding Has Never Been More Crucial

The biggest news from last week’s hospitality conferences was that there wasn’t much news. But where there was, it all had to do with a single theme: branding. Here’s why.

Marriott CEO Interview: Speaking Up on Social Issues and Building a Huge Brand

Marriott is already one of the biggest players in the hospitality industry and in a few months, it'll be the biggest. Whatever the company decides to do — whether that's speaking up for LGBT rights and issues or pushing more direct bookings — is having a larger impact on the industry as a whole, and we spoke with CEO Arne Sorenson for his take on those issues, and other big challenges facing hospitality.

Hilton’s Largest Shareholder Sees More Industry Consolidation Ahead

Blackstone has recently been on the leading edge when it comes to hospitality. But at some point being ahead of the curve turns into watching your back, which is where we think it may be right now.