Marriott and Starwood Say Their Deal Is Taking Longer Than They Hoped

Recent reports alleging that Marriott has "buyer's remorse" about the deal, while scintillating, don't seem very logical when you think of all the effort both Marriott and Starwood have put into making this deal a reality.

Corporate Travel Is Bracing for the Impact of the Marriott-Starwood Merger

It could still be several weeks before the Marriott-Starwood deal is wrapped up — and much longer before the two companies are integrated — but travel buyers and travel management companies are wise to start preparing now for eventual negotiations with the bulked-up company.

Big Hotel Chains Ditch Full-Service Properties in Favor of the Light-Touch Approach

The growth of select-service brands from the major hotel companies isn't slowing down at all, and for good reason: They're easier to finance, build, and there's a clear demand for them. In short, it's a clear sign that hotels are learning to listen to what customers really want, as well as adapt to the new on-demand economy.

Data Breach Impacts 20 Properties From Major Hotel Chains

Again, we have to ask: Why aren't hotels doing more to prevent these kinds of credit card data breaches, and why does it take operators so long to inform their customers?

Is China Holding the Marriott-Starwood Deal Hostage?

In China, anything is possible when it comes to antitrust clearance and there are a number of potential reasons why regulatory authorities there extended their review of the Marriott-Starwood merger. This prolonged waiting game could be part of a larger strategy to extract concessions and finish off part of what Anbang started in March.

Chinese Extend Review of Marriott-Starwood Deal

You're probably wondering — as are we — if this delay in Chinese regulatory approval of the Marriott-Starwood deal has something to do with the fact that one of China's largest insurance companies tried to buy Starwood earlier this year in a dramatic bidding war, only to step away at the 11th hour, reportedly because Chinese regulators frowned on the idea. We'll certainly be looking into this more.

Starwood Now Manages a Cuban hotel, but Not Everything is Perfect Yet

There's little question better hotels will open in Cuba. The only issue is how soon.

What Marriott Knows About the Needs of Next-Gen Business Travelers

Soon, Marriott's leadership will begin the task of deciding which Starwood brands will exist going forward. Until then, the hotel giant is working to create a better technology platform for its properties to serve guests with.

The Disappointing Life of Hotel Industry Booking Site Room Key

You would think hoteliers would have learned a few things from their foray with Travelweb in the early 2000s but, as Room Key shows, they obviously did not.

The Current State of Keyless Entry at Big Hotel Brands

Last year marked a pivotal moment in terms of keyless room technology, as Starwood, Hilton, Marriott, and other brands announced investments in the mobile tech. And while there is consumer uptake, this still feels like a transitional technology that has us asking: What's next?