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Star Alliance CEO Says There Too Many Airline and Airport Apps

We expect any sharing would be limited to alliances for now, and even that would be partial data exchange.

1 year ago

Refugees from United’s MileagePlus Program Find Loyalty With Other Star Alliance Partners

The problem isn't Star Alliance, the problem is United.

2 years ago

Air India Becomes First Indian Airline to Join a Global Airline Alliance

Air India's entry into the Star Alliance is a watershed, but the ongoing FAA downgrading of India's air safety rating looms as a cloud over the event.

2 years ago

Star Alliance Airlines Settle in to Heathrow’s New Terminal 2

Great new terminal, but what Heathrow really, really needs is another runway.

2 years ago

Star Alliance Launches New Round-the-World Fare Product

Round-the-world tickets aren't a frequent purchase, but they're an excellent way to market an alliance's size, network, and amenities.

2 years ago

US Airways Gets New Airline Loyalty Partners with Exit from Star Alliance

In addition to getting Oneworld member airlines as miles redemptions possibilities, US Airways will still retains, for awhile at least, about a dozen codeshare partners outside of the alliance, making for more redemption opportunities. The extra ones likely won't last for long, but flyers can consider it all a merger bonus for now.

3 years ago

Comparing Customer Experience Across the 3 Global Airline Alliances

Oneworld makes a strong showing, and as American Airlines continues to grow, it would appear to offer the strongest product of any of the three alliances. The wild card, though, comes from the non-traditional alliances being built from the Gulf states.

3 years ago

Air India to Reduce Losses As it is Poised to Enter the Star Alliance

Air India would benefit from entering the Star Alliance but its persistent financial troubles are not a real confidence booster.

3 years ago

Skift Business Traveler: Uber Surges, In-Flight Connectivity and a New American Air Design

3 years ago

Star Alliance Convenes to Plot Strategy For Future Growth

Is the Star Alliance's future just about continuing with the cumbersome process of adding new airline members here or there, or does it have to formulate new strategies to confront the growth of Emirates and Etihad, for example, which aren't as enamored with traditional tie-ups?

3 years ago

Air India to Restart Its Entry Into the Star Alliance

Now that Air India's merger with Indian Airlines is complete, Air India is in a position to enter the Star Alliance, a long-sought goal.

3 years ago

Star Alliance Is Also Looking To Attract Low-Cost Airlines, Following SkyTeam

Mainstream airline alliances have to adjust as the low-cost carriers are increasingly restarting their long haul ambitions, after conquering domestic markets in a lot of countries -- especially Asian ones.

3 years ago