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Top 10 Airline Sites in the U.S., UK and India for June 2016

Budget airlines' strategy of focusing on direct bookings allows them to grab a larger share of web traffic and gain ground in the direct booking wars.

3 months ago

The Indian Airline That’s Giving Away Seats to Compete With Low-Cost Carriers

Price wars like this never, ever end well. And there's little option beyond cutting back services in markets where you have to compete like this.

1 year ago

India’s Growing Problem of Under-Qualified Yet Certified Pilots

Unmanaged growth and hyper-competition doesn't always make for the safest experience when you need to take the time to properly train the talent behind the controls.

1 year ago

SpiceJet Founder Talks Up the Airline, Citing Interest From Foreign Carriers

What better way to pump up your stock than to talk about how foreign airlines are beating down your door to invest but the timing just isn't right. Hmmm.

2 years ago

India’s Troubled SpiceJet to Get $200 Million Infusion from JP Morgan

What's that line about throwing good money after bad?

2 years ago

Indian Regulators Tell Low-Cost Carrier SpiceJet to Stop Being So Cheap

India has so many aviation challenges that it's hard to support a move which focuses on a practice that's not -- in this case, at least -- proving to harm the industry.

3 years ago

India’s SpiceJet Just Ordered $3.9 Billion Worth of New Jets

Despite last week's downgrade of India's air travel industry by the U.S. FAA, Indian airlines have not been daunted. The apparent hope is that this will be corrected quickly and everything will go back to normal. Considering the work that needs to be done, we think that's slightly optimistic.

3 years ago

India’s Low-Cost Carrier SpiceJet Just Bought $4 Billion in Worth of 737s

3 years ago

India’s SpiceJet Turns to Bain Consulting to Fix Its Problems

When you turn to outside consultants to create a roadmap for major, company-shifting decisions, you've abdicated your responsibility as a chief executive. But when all your underlings have bailed, you don't have much of a choice.

3 years ago

Budget airlines lead shift from Boeing to Airbus: SpiceJet next to consider change-up

Airbus is increasingly capturing market share in India among budget airlines; a trend which could be troubling to Boeing and its long-term growth.

4 years ago

SpiceJet tries to stand apart with personalized names for each of its aircraft

Naming planes is a practice that started with Viking’s ships, but the tradition, when still carried out today, is part of social media strategy with frequent flyers sharing which quirky names they’ve ticked off the list.

4 years ago

The great Indian aviation stake sale begins: Etihad looking at Jet, AirAsia at Spicejet

The troubled Indian aviation industry is finally getting the much-needed love from global/Asian players, but lot will depend on how soon Indian govt. eases up the foreign investment pathways.

4 years ago