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Singapore Tries to Compete for Chinese Tourists With Shopping-Themed Week

Tourism boards for numerous countries are wooing Chinese tourists. The challenge is how do countries differentiate themselves on a long-term basis.

3 weeks ago

South Korea is Worried New Missile Defense System Will Deter Chinese Tourists

With Chinese outbound travel growing so rapidly and the Chinese government actively encouraging its citizens to travel abroad, it seems unlikely that the government would restrict travel to South Korea.

3 months ago

Hotel-Employee Mentoring May Reduce Stress, But Not for the Most-Freaked Out

Mentoring programs may be one of the more effective hospitality human resource strategies that money can't necessarily buy.

4 months ago

South Korean Investors Buy Up Beachfront Resorts, Landmark Hotels Abroad

Chinese insurance firms named Anbang aren't the only ones looking to invest in hotel properties abroad.

4 months ago

China’s Love of TV War Drama Poised to Bring Tourists to South Korea

The phrase "content is king" carries a deeper significance in China than anywhere else in the world and this show illustrates the power of pop culture and content to influence Chinese travelers' decisions.

6 months ago

Tension Between South Korea and China Is Hurting Tourism

The economies of China rivals South Korea and Taiwan are reliant on spending from Chinese travelers.

8 months ago

South Korean Nut Rage Incident Leads to Harsher Aviation Laws

We support any law that punishes passengers from being obnoxious.

9 months ago

Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Parts Unknown’ Episode 1: Surrendering to Seoul

The first episode of season five serves to remind viewers that Bourdain and the ZPZ crew plan to keep traveling and portraying countries in the most interesting way possible for as long as CNN will have them.

1 year ago

Popular TV Show Draws South Koreans to Europe in Unseen Numbers

This bump in South Korean visits to Europe highlights the beauty of tourism, which is no matter how long an attraction exists or how many people have seen it, there is still untapped demand available.

2 years ago

A New Legoland Theme Park Is Headed to South Korea

Better keep looking in that rear-view mirror Disney. Lego's building something big.

2 years ago

South Korea Rescues Sightseeing Ship and Avoids Another Ferry Crisis

2 years ago

South Korean Hit Movie Fuels Film Tourism During Post-Tragedy Lull

Post-ferry disaster, South Korea needs a boost for local tourism and an inspirational film is perfect for the times.

2 years ago