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Oral History of Online Travel: How Travelstart Taught South Africa’s Airlines About E-Commerce

Building up an affiliate network became a great marketing tool for Travelstart in South Africa a decade ago because print ads weren't effective. The incumbent competitors weren't particularly effective because they had no focus on e-commerce.

5 months ago

South Africa Is Trying to Recover Its Tourism Mojo This Year

Last year's visa changes severely hurt South African tourism. A weak currency may be just what it needs to get people back.

6 months ago

South Africa Considers Visa Waiver for India, China, Russia

South Africa is trying to balance the nation's security needs against the negative impact that visa requirements have on visitation numbers.

9 months ago

South African Wine Tourism Projected to Double Over Next Decade

South Africa will need to be able to tell a story about why its wine country is distinctive from the others. If it can do this, it gives international visitors the reason they need to make the long trek.

9 months ago

Drought Hits South Africa’s Biggest Wildlife Park

The severely low rain volume is more challenging for certain animals in Kruger park, such as hippos and buffalo.

9 months ago

Skift MeetingsIQ: Smart City Meetings in Vienna, Smart Content in L.A.

Destinations from Vienna to Los Angeles are promoting their smart city infrastructure and technology to engage meeting planners and attendees.

11 months ago

South Africa Revises Visa Rules in the Face of Dropping Tourism Numbers

The attempt to reduce child trafficking by instituting requirements for young travelers to carry documentation also caused a big fall off in youth tourism.

1 year ago

South Africa’s New Visa Rules Cost $540 Million a Year in Lost Tourism Revenue

Smart countries have moved or are moving to visa on demand. South Africa is not one of those.

1 year ago

Damage From South Africa’s Visa Changes May Take Year to Fix

The proof is now in the pudding for South Africa as travelers choose other destinations where the visa process is simpler or where one doesn't exist at all.

1 year ago

Marriott Takes First Steps to Bring Its Brand to South Africa

Marriott's likely learned enough from Protea in the last year that it is making the move with plenty of knowledge of the market.

1 year ago

South Africa and Namibia Officials Criticize Airline Ban on Hunting Trophies

The countries shouldn't worry as the airlines will go back to allowing the trophies just as soon as Cecil stories disappear from people's Facebook feed.

1 year ago

Airbnb CEO Explains Site’s Growing Ambitions in ‘Exotic’ Africa

We're looking forward to seeing how the site adapts to the continent's very wide range of destinations and travel habits.

1 year ago