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Etihad Airways Will Sponsor New York City’s New MLS Football Team

It's the rare headline that's both a hit with football fans and aviation geeks.

2 years ago

Real-Time Marketing Tips for Travel Brands During Brazil’s World Cup

Although the World Cup's partners and sponsors have larger audiences than travel brands, there is still a huge opportunity to take advantage of, during this major second screen event. Much of the success will be about being in the right moment.

2 years ago

The Best Football Travel Video You’ll See in This World Cup Year

Watch it, and see if you agree with us.

2 years ago

Cruise Companies Fight David Beckham Over Location of Miami Soccer Stadium

The proposed location of the cruise ship stadium will not only cause congestion around the port, but ruin its plans to attract more large ships after the widening of the Panama Canal.

3 years ago

Real Madrid Cancels Plan For Soccer-Themed Resort in United Arab Emirates

The draw of soccer in the UAE is strong, but as we're seeing in the unfolding 2022 World Cup drama, this fandom is quite seasonal.

3 years ago